Smoke markers need to be taller, more visible.

This demo is awesome, the graphics are first class and the driving physics for me are on par if not better than Forza 5, my only gripe is the smoke markers need to be more visible through the grass ect as it’s very hard to see where your going.

But T10/PG if your reading this, weldone guys if the full game plays out like the demo I’ll be one very happy customer.

The physics in this horizon wipe the floor with horizon one imho, brilliant.


Yes and yes again, also the second 3rd person camera I feel needs to be a bit higher up.

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Yeah see I only play in cockpit mode with no line and trying to see the smoke markers once your in the long grass is very difficult, and if you miss one you’ve basically lost the race.

But on the whole I’m impressed, I really didn’t go much on the first one, but if this is anything to go by I’d say they have really turned the game around, wasn’t really excited about this game but now I’m looking forward to its full release.

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Spot on, Smoke needs to be higher that would combat the cannot see a thing out of cockpit cam. PG just need to look at Midnight Club to see how it should be done.

Guys sorry, but this game just went gold, so unless they made it that way for the demo, it is how it is.

Guys sorry, but this game just went gold, so unless they made it that way for the demo, it is how it is.

What about the huge writing in the sky that says “checkpoint” with an arrow leading to the smoke?

As a near exclusive cockpit jockey for everything, yes the smoke markers need to be higher up.

But I must say, it was fun playing rally race with a friend tonight that I am trying to get an XB1. By that I mean we passed the controller between races and the non-racer called the mini-map. I would say look to Rally Sport Challenge as a way to help with the off-road tracks.

you could always use your mini map, and there is a sign for each checkpoint on the UI that looks fairly high, You could also jump in an extreme offroader with its higher cockpit position