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Hello All! Just wanted to start my own Thread to maybe post some Pics/Vids etc. , Im a big Muscle Car fan and its basically all thats in my garage and now that there all tuned up by General Swift ( he rocks! ) i figured it was time to start Painting them all , Now so we are all clear im far from a quality painter but im trying to learn and i thought the best way to learn is to start simple so i tryed painting my favorite car on the planet the Monte Carlo SS! ( which i might add should be in this game ) Ive attempted this paint on past forza games with out any real luck but i think this one came out alright keep in mind it is the first time i entered the apply decals section of this game since owning it , But anyway heres a couple pictures of each of them plus a video i made showing them off tell me what you think! I made the ‘SS’ logo myself in the vinyl section instead of just useing the regular letters which i think came out good…These are i guess the version 1’s i plan on tweaking the stripes when i get more practice in the decal area but They are both shared if anyone has any interest in them. thanks for looking! (be sure to put General Swifts tune on it)

>>> CLICK HERE for Video <<<

Monte Carlo SS (white)

Monte Carlo SS (black)

One thing about the Monte Carlo’s there is alot of different stripe styles , So i am at the moment working on the silver and burgundy models. (done)

‘might have to tweak the silver as it looks gray in the picture’
silver ss

burgundy ss

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Ferrari F40