Small bugs - double check

I’ve found two pretty insignificant bugs, just wanting someone else to check for me before I report it.

94 Silvia K’s - ings and nissan rear bumper upgrades have colour shift.

17 Camaro ZL1 - Forza front splitter upgrade not tuneable.

Any other small bugs anyone wants double check I guess add them here.

A colour shift isn’t a bug. A bug is a programming mistake, or programming that is working so badly that people don’t think it’s good enough… mainly if you are copying real life things. So gravity can be bugged if it is working perfectly as a program, but doesn’t match real life. Or a program is bugged if it does something that it’s not supposed to do.

So they 100% intended for the colours to change on those parts but not the other and for that specific Forza splitter to be non tuneable?

It sounds like a programming mistake and by your description, a bug.

You don’t program colours, you just apply them. RGB is a program, but it can’t go wrong… it’s just numbers 0 to 255 or whatever. You could call it a mistake.