Small black spots covering the paint during races

I have noticed that sometimes whilst racing, even though I have not collided with anything, I see small black dots appearing over the car paint. It’s not a complaint, but I have always wondered to what causes that?

Have you ever heard of dirt? Racing debris? When cars go fast they kick up particles of debris and dirt. This gets stuck to the cars following as they fly through it.


Tire wear, when the tires heat up, wear down, or you lose traction, the tires throw melted rubber some of which sticks on the car, part of the damage, fuel, and tire wear I’d imagine

I took it to represent rubber debris from the tires.

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Yep, any kind of race debris. It’s all flying around during a race! :slight_smile:

It is a bit odd the way they did this though as it also appears when you are the only car on the track and after only a few laps as well.
Looks very unrealistic, would be better if it were not there.


Rubber, oil, brake dust, dirt and dust, and of course all sorts of buzzing creatures. I also noticed my car is dirtier if I go off.

‘Unrealistic’ seems to be in high demand in this forum, although not sure how can anyone say that with regards to a dirty racing car.

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I think it looks great, although it builds up a bit too fast they are clearly showing it off. It would be a nice surprise if you only started noticing it after 5/6 laps instead of just 2 or so. But them someone’s precious effect they spent 2 days coding in wouldn’t be seen very much then…

Yep, as above, it’s melted tyre debris sticking to your car.

Whilst I do tend to agree with the comment about it when you are the only car on track (not sure how it would end up on the front/bonnet of the car in that instance etc) but you would still be able to flick it around in the turbulent air around the car and have it stick on you.

When I’m racing my R1 or even doing trackdays on it, I’ll always find silly amounts of rubber stuck in all sorts of random places you’d never think it would find it’s way to. So yeah, maybe not done in a perfectly real manner, but as with the endurance racing/tyre wear/fuel consumption, I expect they have compounded the time it takes to appear as most races are a few laps at most.

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Or if it was actually dependent on where in the order you were, how close you were to the driver in front etc.

Another one of those features thats cool that its there, but i think a waste compared to features that could have been being worked on.


And also overdone and overbearing like the other features.

I guess that’s what happens when you only have 2-3 laps to show off an effect.


It IS realistic, but they’ve overdone it to the point where it’s unrealistic again.

Your car would absolutely look like that after 20 full-speed laps of COTA.

It would NOT look like that after a SINGLE cruise lap (50-80mph) of Nurburgring.

In the game, however, both cars become equally filthy.


To me, it looks like you’ve all of a sudden drove through a swarm of flies. lol

The ping and stick onto the car like glue.

Sounds like driving down I5 in Northern California…