Small accuracy issue

Today T10 stated that the Warthog has the most suspension travel of any vehicle in the game at 70cm (26.7 inches)

The Problem with this statement is that the 2015 Baldwin Motorsports #97 Monster Energy Trophy Truck is also in the game. BJ’s truck in real life has 34 inches of rear suspension travel and 26 inches of front suspension travel. So the Warthog should not have the most suspension travel in the game.

Either way the Warthog and trophy truck will be two of my favorite vehicles in the game to drive, I am just wondering if T10 has made an error in the Warthog literature or if they have artificially limited the suspension on the trophy truck.

It is also somewhat interesting that both the Warthog and trophy truck should have the same size tires, so I am assuming they will be roughly the same size in game.

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OMG, that’s it. I am cancelling my preorder.


Because of one vehicle out of… what, 350?

holds up sarcasm sign


What he said :slight_smile: got one person with that one lmao.

does it really matter, for me no, I be just happy I got something new to paint lol…

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Like I said I don’t really care, it will be fun to drive either way just thought it was kind of interesting.

Looking at how much spring travel it has, I wonder if this will make a good jelly car.

Or a bouncy car. Or a wheelie build

A fair few of the “facts” in the descriptions for cars, whether it be car packs or other, are sometimes factually wrong or they’ll state a popular misconception, like the description of the RS Spyder and the Cruze TC1 felt as they made it up as they went along.

FM and FH are games, not sims. T10 makes a lot of errors in this way in their vehicles, I guess for fluid gameplay sake or maybe they just don’t care enough to get it right. Just look at the Tankpool truck for example, from the facebook post of the racing team you can clearly see that their truck has a 160 km/h speed limiter for the FIA ETRC but for whatever reason it was left out for Forza :

In Project CARS and Assetto Corsa I feel that a lot more effort is done by the devellopers to make the vehicles as realistic as possible. Kunos (AC) is already working really close to car manufacturers, heck their development studios are even on the Vallelunga Circuit near Rome where they often test a real car on the real track and then make the virtual car as realistic on the virtual track. And for Slightly Mad Studios, well they release info like this for all the cars in a new DLC pack :

Lol really? The Warthog is a fictional vehicle and we’re worried about it’s specs being ‘accurate’. Play the game. Enjoy it.