Sliding issues w/portofino


I play the game on series s with a g920 wheel
I had terrible sliding issues with a Ferrari Portofino where you do a time trial sort of thing in a mission.
The car has absolutely horrendous handling and slides poorly when you turn the steering just a bit.
I wonder does any of you guys had that kind of problem with Portofino?
Other cars seems to work fine

There are some cars with awful stock suspension setups that can be a problem - especially on a wheel. Maybe try it with a controller.

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I play on wheel but spinning out seems inevitable. Any solutions?

my only advice would be to try throttle control a bit more. When I play on my wheel, I can normally catch a slide if I let off the accelerator almost all the way, a little throttle can help keep the car stable while you countersteer.

Will try this car with my wheel (G29) when I get a chance and see if I encounter the same issues.