Sli support on pc

Will the game have SLI support this time, or are the devolopers still to damn lazy, like in every previous Forza game?
I would probably be able to run it at 4K max settings, but only with SLI support. Forza Horizon 3 only ran well in 1440p & Ultra settings, after the Hotwheels DLC & Update with single GPU, i mostly had my desired 60 FPS, only had some tiny drops in the Rain Forrest. But i still was very dissapointed as a PC player, that i can’t use my hardware like in other PC games. Sure i know with one GTX 1080TI i would have been able to play FH3 4K @ 60 FPS, well but i do have a GTX 1070 SLI system.

This is my rig:

OS: Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit
CPU: i7-4930K @ 4,2 GHZ Level 3 Cache: 12MB (6 Cores)
GPU: 2x SLI Asus ROG Strix GTX1070-O8G-Gaming 8GB DDR5 V-RAM (MSI SLI HB Bridge)
RAM: Corsair Vengeance Pro 32 GB DDR3 @ 1866 MHZ (Quad Channel)
Sound: Using HDMI from the GPU for PCM 5.1 Sound. Or my Teufel Cage 7.1 Headset.
MB: ASRock X79 Extreme 4
SSD: Samsung 840 EVO 1TB SSD (Rapid Mode Activated)
PS: be quiet! POWER ZONE 850W
Monitor/TV: Acer Predator XB270H 27" 1080p 144 HZ G-Sync, Sony KD-55X8509C 55" 4K 60 HZ

I know some parts are already outdated, but if games are good optimized i can play them in 4K @60 FPS on my TV.

What do you guys think, will there be official SLI support or not?

One would think that you would be rock steady at 60 FPS 4K Ultra settings with just a single GPU card so what is your bottle neck And why do you have RAID on if just a single 1TB SSD

Will have a 4K TV in about 2 weeks will run some bench marks on Horizon 3 in 4K Ultra settings and post them for you As at the moment I run Ultra @1080 and can hit 90 FPS but get a tun of tearing so only run at 33FPS due to TV Refresh rate not being high enough Forza 7 I get over 150 FPS @1080 Ultra settings but same tearing problem, So you should hit the same or Better with just the 1 GPU card only

Using the Following config

Intel Core i7-8809G 3.1GHz (up to 4.2GHz Turbo)
2x 16GB DDR4 2400+ SODIMMs
Radeon RX Vega M GH 1063-1190MHz GPU, 800MHz Memory 4GB
512 GB M.2 SATA SSD Operating System and Apps
1TB M.2 SATA SSD Windows Game’s only
4 TB External Hard drive USB-C for Photos, Back up files and Steam Games

Just started playing the Ultimate Edition, of course there is no SLI support…

The bottleneck is my GPU obviously, because i can’t use both of them, and the rapid mode of my ssd has nothing to do with raid mode. I don’t play any game in 1080p i get eye cancer of it, don’t know how ppl still can play 1080p in the year 2018. The massive aliasing effects of 1080p are just horrible. 1080p is only halfway playable with Temporal AA, MSAA doesn’t really help.

I just never ever gonna buy 2 GPU’s again, from now on just a single XX80TI. SLI should have never existed if most devolopers are to lazy to implement it into their games.

RIP SLI :frowning:

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so true, so true

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The problem with SLI and Crossfire is that prior to DX12 multi GPU support was in the hands of AMD/Nvidia driver teams, they had to create crossfire profiles for each game…
With the advent of DX12 multi GPU support was handed over to the game developers who are under budgetary and time constraints.

It would require the devs to continually update their games Crossfire/SLI profiles as new hardware arrives. It seems to me (personal opinion here) that AMD Nvidia sold us on the Crossfire SLI idea along with the Eyefinity Surround features and suddenly realised the need to constantly add these profiles was eating into their profits so they passed the responsibility to the dev’s.

Again given the costs/time required to implement and update these as new hardware arrives has caused the (almost) total lack of support for multi GPU in many triple A titles. It’s the reason I gave up on both multi GPU and also eyefinity because NEITHER company (AMD/Nvidia) can produce a single GPU powerful enough to run 3 1080p screens @ 144hz most can’t cope with 1 4K screen @ 60hz.

Yet we STILL have AMD and Nvidia pushing gamers to higher pixel counts and refresh rates like 4K 144Hz when their current GPU’s struggle at 60Hz…

Multi GPU is dead but there’s nothing powerful enough to run the screens We’re seeing get launched these days. with the arrival of 3840 x 1080 144Hz screens and impending arrival of 5120 x 1440 144Hz screens, I don’t see any point in getting such a screen until a single GPU can run it at the highest refresh rate.

Nvida and especially AMD need to pick up their game and give us a single GPU that CAN do this or monitor manufacturers should stop selling the technology as there’s nothing that CAN run it at this time…

Im a big forza fan and this will be the first Forza horizon game I play on PC. My pc has Two graphics cards and I have noticed that it only supports one. I am pretty disappointed with this. I was wondering if this would be implemented since my frame-rates aren’t as great as I would like them. Please Turn 10 add this, I loke this franchise so much!


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Agreed need sli

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yes forza needs SLI but never will most likely as its a DX12 game.

all games need SLI in my book :wink:

Well dx12 has multi gpu support so at least give us that

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It’s more a UWP thing that the games don’t have SLI support, i mean Battlefield 1 DX12 SLI works, Rise of the Tomb Raider DX12 SLI works too, even Halo Wars 2 a UWP game has DX12 SLI, so DX12 isn’t an excuse anymore.

Every game should have real explicit m-gpu support not SLI or Crossfire, just real explicit m-gpu support like in Ashes Of The Singularity it’s the best example there is out there, it can’t be done any better.

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What the heck!? Lol there is no SLI needed for this game… Does anyone happen to be playing off of a GTX 2080Ti? I promise you that if you are there is no issue with a single GPU. I have a GTX2080Ti and an i7-5960X GPU on an MSI Gaming9 X99S board with 32GB of DDR4 displayed onto the Asus PG348Q and there is absolutely 000 stutter or lag, at 100Hz this game runs perfectly smoothly.

SLi is dead.


SLI please. This game is well optimised but it would be nice to max out my monitor’s refresh rate.

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If you are playing at 3840X2160, then a single nVidia 1070 will not be enough to max out the games graphical settings at a solid 60FPS At 2560X1440 though, a single 1070 should be more than enough to play it with Extreme settings. My Vega 56 pushes Horizon 4 at just over 60FPS for the low and up to 80FPS for the high at 3840X1080 on Extreme with my 49" super ultra wide Samsung FreeSync 2 monitor. I can’t test whether CrossFire support works for the game because putting in a second Vega 56 in my system would have my primary Vega 56 sucking the air right off of the back of the second one.

I have dual 1080ti cards, too bad the game uses only one of them. I play in 4k hdr, fps is mostly at 60+, but when you try to stream or record it through OBS, performance noticeably degrades, sometimes even gets into 40s. Maybe, there’s a way to run game on one card and encode on the other?

I would also love to see SLI support. The game runs pretty well for me, but it’s not using my second GPU at all. I’m sure I could get better framerates with SLI support.

The game runs at 4K/60fps+ at Extreme Settings with a GTX 1080 Ti. Is SLI really needed?

No it doesn’t.
Maybe on benchmark mode, and without MSAA 8x.
I know because I own 2 x 1080Ti FTW3, and I had to set it to “ultra” and MSAA 2x in order to get almost constant 60 FPS.
I’d love SLI or multi-GPU support, but we’re not getting it.
Next week I’ll get my 2080Ti, so I will forget about sli, for a while.

You don’t need 8x MSAA at 4K. 2x MSAA and Extreme Settings at 4K is definitely the way to go.