Sli not working

Hi all, I have 2 980ti and for some reason the game forces my system to use only one gpu, so sli doesn’t work, no matter what I try to do. Is it normal?
I already tried to check in the control panel if sli is enabled ( in fact it works in any other game ).

don’t think it’s supported as neither crossfire/SLI were supported in both FH3 or FM7

Before DX12 SLI and crossfire was handled by Nvidia AMD respectively after DX12 mGPU support became the province of the game dev’s
so support or lack of it is down to T10/PGG/MS and not Nvidia/AMD.

Given the “Costs” that adding mGPU incurs guess why SLI and Crossfire have been nearly abandoned by both firms?..
Sure as hell isn’t that it CAN’T be done just no on can be BOTHERED to pay for the additional time it takes for this to happen…

We were sold the tech over the years as a way to get better GFX with scaling of 80-90% or more yet now support for it’s dead (almost) or in the hands of accountants, sorry dude but you’ll loose to the accountants every time…

Doubt we’ll see SLI or crossfire even mentioned in the next few years…

Personally Nvidia/AMD better make a card CAPABLE of running 3x 4K 144Hz displays which they’ve been joyfully telling us is the NEXT big thing yet the 1080Ti supposedly can just about avg 60fps @ 4K.

Why they are selling 4k 144Hz screens you can’t benefit from unless willing to spend £1100 for a 2080Ti or 2 or more 1080’s just to hit 60? God forbid you have 3 screens as nobody’s gonna support SLI as they’re too damned tight fisted to do so anymore.

Hell they’re even pushing 8K screens now with no content available for it yet. See a pattern here???

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Hello, thanks for the answer.
Well, sadly you’re not wrong, the thing is, I’m asking this thing because I’m watching variuous videos of people playing the game with sli enabled, so I thought there was a problem with my game.
But if you can confirm me that only single gpu is allowed i’m ok whit that!