Sleepy Emote in shop says owned but it's locked when I look.

As the title says. Not a big issue just odd and obviously wrong. Won’t let me buy it and I can’t use it. Oh well. Maybe it’ll be fixed?

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Tried a hard reset?

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I have the same problem

I’m also having this problem. Doesn’t even ask for confirmation if I click on it, just says “Failed to purchase shop item. #FORZATHON Points have not been deducted.” and that’s the end of it.

Drives me nuts, I’ve literally been looking for either this or Confused since game launch out of ALL the emotes, and it finally shows up but is inaccessible because of a cryptic error. Bonkers

I’m having the same exact problem, it says owned when I check the forzathong store but it’s locked in my list of emotes.

I’m having the same issue.