Skyline0123 - Virtual Visual Vehicular Goodness Gallery! New Liveries 23/07 PG 9!

Hi All and welcome to my Gallery!

If Virtual Visual Vehicular Goodness is what you seek then look no further! Inside I have a collection of paints sure to turn your beater into beaut, make your heaper into a keeper, and give your lemon some zing!

Comments and critiques are always welcome, requests are too! If there’s anything you like that you see please take a closer look and give it a few whips around the track, and if you think anything you see would suit a particularly bland looking automobile from your garage then let me know! If I have it, I’ll paint it!

Now to the cars:

Tissot V8 Lotus E21

File: TissotV8Lotus

A T10 Select, so hopefully a few of you will have already seen it

Vodafone McLaren P1

In two distinct flavours!

File: P1Vodafone

File: P1VodafoneBlack

Evasive Motorsport Civic

File: Evasive Civic

Sky Stallion Shelby GT500

File: SkyStallion

This one is really popular, with over 4000 downloads and 20000 uses! Get it while it’s hot!

Levi’s Jeans BMW M1

File: Levi’sM1

With real denimmy texture!

Falken Mustang Boss 302

File: FalkenBoss

Dunkin Donuts Drift Police Mustang

File: DDMustang

Includes real chocolate and strawberry with sprinkles!

ATI Ferrari 458 GT

File: F458 ATI

Jet Blue Aston Martin DBR9

File: jetBlueAM

Xbox One Audi R8 V10 PLUS

File: xbr8

Red Bull GT86

File: RB86

Go Pro BTCC Style 07 Civic TypeR

File: gopro

Featuring the Hero3 Camera!

BRM Alfa 8C

File: BRM8C

Proven Wicked Semi-Replica Camaro ZL1

File: PWZL1

This thing looks and sounds mean

Dai Yoshihara Falken Tire Contest Submission - Falken/Discount Tire BRZ

File: DaiFalken

My entry into Falkens’ 2014 livery contest with Dai Yoshihara and their beautiful BRZ. If it’s picked for the top 6 please vote for me!

I also have a short YouTube vid here

Falken/Discount Tire S15 Drifter

File: Falken S15

After finishing up Dai’s BRZ I had an S15 just sitting blank, so I converted it back to the good old fashioned blue and green based on the pattern from Dai’s comp. This might be my favourite yet!!

Thats all for now, I hope you all enjoy and take a copy if you see anything you like. There will be more to come!

Reserved for future ventures into Virtual Visual Vehicular Goodness!

Some really awesome paints in here, favorites would be the civics and the dbr9. I downloaded a few of these and followed you.
Do you have a lotus 2-11 or a #91 viper srt ?

I do have a 2-11, and the viper is on my definite list. Awaiting this month’s rewards then it’s on to wasting all my fredits again! What do you fancy for the viper and 2-11?

great paintjob, i like it, very good idea, nice color and beautifulf Watch paintjob :slight_smile:

I think the go-pro scheme would look pretty good. :slight_smile:

Some great paints in here mate, will be picking some of these up :slight_smile:

Hey Skyline the go-pro lotus 2-11 looks fantastic, thank you very much!! I’ll put some miles on it now.

Well thanks for ruining the surprise Stiff! Lol

Go Pro Lotus 2-11

File: search gamertag

Only a quick throw together but actually it’s a really shapely car to paint, and it’s nice and clean. Enjoy people!

Sorry about that.

As a police officer I couldn’t pass up the DD Mustang nice work. also grabbed the Lotus 2-11

This made me laugh! I’m glad the intended audience got the joke!

Glad everyone is enjoying the paints, plenty more to come.

Some top quality paints here. Lovely logos.

Really mate! Some very awesome work in here, I love this stuff and I can’t wait to see more.


Ha! Thanks Stiff.

As requested by my winking buddy above;

Go Pro Viper

File: GoProViper

I’ve also made the Stryker Viper Logo available, you can search for the keyword; Stryker

It’s a complete logo, no clipping or masking, and in a very high resolution.

If anybody has any more requests please let me know and I’ll get on it as soon as I have the cars available! Plenty more to come tomorrow once I’ve got my hands on the newer DLC!

I didn’t want to ruin the reveal this time and it looks awesome. Thanks again for taking your time to do these.

All great liveries, especially like the Falken S15 - just looks super clean with the wheel choice/color as well.

That viper is a beauty mate! Good job as always.

Nice work, very good Paintjob!