Skipping gears?

Hey everyone,

I’;ve been playing this game with manual shifting for a good while now and it was working fine till today. Since the new update I’m experiencing a new bug: When I shift up or down, it sometimes skips a gear and and goes immediately 2 gears up or down. For example: 1 to 3, 3 to 5 or 2 to Reverse.

Anyone else experiencing the same thing? Or is there a solution?

MC here and no, I played for several hours from the new patch and no problem.

played for several hours after updating and did not notice any bug in manual shifting.

No problem here either. Sounds like a potential faulty controller issue. Try with another one if possible.

Try cleaning your controller or keyboard

I’ve had this issue for years with multiple Forzas on multiple controllers and consoles, it’s only very occasionally though (and usually skipping from 3rd to 5th but never on downshifts). Not sure if it’s a bug in the polling rate or just a tiny bit of button bounce from the slab of meat that is my thumb.