Skip all the useless dialogue

Please, I’m begging you, let me skip all the cutscenes and dialogue.

It’s not exactly super fun to constantly be interrupted with dialogue you don’t care about. I don’t need to be told that I’ve unlocked something, I can read.
I came to play a racing game. That means I want to race. I’m not here for lazy writing, or yesterday’s jokes. I came for no jokes at all. I came to race.
It doesn’t help that 95% of the dialogue is nothing but intrusive. When I’m in the middle of a sweeping turn doing 200 kmh, is not the correct time to pause everything and shove a talking map in my face.


I had to listen to the same story crap 31 times while trying to complete one of the story missions today. 31 times. 31 repeats of “This is the triangle shaped centre of town” and “This is the university” blah blah blah oh my jesus christ. Please for the love of god let me mute that, and skip the cutscene stuff, or make the stories easy to complete. All of them. So I never have to listen to it again.