Skill Streak Ch3, 45 Near Misses?

Anyone done this? I have 29/30 stars, and chapter 3 is doing my head in. I might get 30 something near misses, then have absolutely no traffic for the rest of the route! What’s the secret? Thanks in advance.

It’s the one with the Bugatti, right?

Use the opposing line on the motorway (more cars per distance).
Don’t drive too fast. This way you pass more cars per distance.
Make use of all available time if necessary. Maybe turn around before the finish if you haven’t achieved 45.

Yip, the Bugatti one. Thanks. I’ve tried the oncoming lane, but will try again slower.

Have currently tried this 5 times and have yet to encounter a single car?

In the pause menu, go into “Horizon Solo” mode. This will generate more traffic cars, and all of the drivatar cars will no longer be ghosted, so you can Near Miss them as well.


I believe this is in reference to the story chapter. Going into horizon solo won’t change traffic in the story. Opposite lane, stay about 200mph and you’ll get it.

I had the problem with traffic not spawning when going too fast. After “cruising” with around 200 km/h the traffic had time to respawn, so the problem of suddenly having no traffic at all was gone. You might need to turn around before the finish to get enough near misses, but keep watching the clock. And yes - it might help to switch to solo mode, but for me the speed was the key to the challenge.

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No question that this one was a pain, though. Any challenge that relies on random spawning isn’t a good idea, IMO.

The spawning is there. You just have to keep the pace to the spawn rate. They’re challenges that you have to think out of the box to accomplish. Thus, not pushing the Bugatti to its top speed is the key to the challenge.

It’s still up to random chance on where the traffic spawns. Again, random chance does not make for a good challenge.

I’d be more inclined to think that going too fast making less traffic spawn is more of a bug than a point of a challenge.

I agree, going fast should make you encounter more traffic not less, its the last one i have to do for stories was going to give up as never saw more than 30 cars will now try this speed thing

The skills challenges are really hard, I have only 3 starred the first one so far, and the rest are 2 stars.