Skill Song not a skill song after "banking" skill chain?

I was driving in the middle of a skill chain when a Skill Song started. My multiplier went to 10 and I stopped when the skill chain went past 50,000 points. The skills were “banked” and earned 10 Skill Points. After that I started a new skill chain and the multiplier only went up to 5.0 and wouldn’t continue to climb even though the “Skill Song” was still playing. This is the first time it has happened.

Is this an intentional “change” included in the January content Update? Is this a bug? Do skills songs now only allow the banking of one skill chain for 10 skill points? Has anyone else seen this?

I would like answers, please.

Pretty sure it worked fine for me yesterday. I always spend a few minutes farming in the Renault 5 when a skill song comes up, especially on Timeless as there are songs over 7 minutes long :slight_smile:

Never mind. I tried again, it worked as usual. Maybe just user error.