Skill Points Bug?

So… As the title suggests, I was chaining together some skills (drift, air. wreckage, etc) and pulled together a massive 2,003,600 skill point chain, so I figured then I’d get a nice chunk of “skill coins” (things you use to purchase perks, I don’t know the actual name for them, sorry) but I only got a whopping 3 “skill coins”, I thought it was a bug so I tried again and got a slightly smaller skill point chain of 1,647,000, the same thing happened, only 3 “skill coins”, shouldn’t I get more or does it cap at a certain number?

I figured I’d post here to see if anyone else had the same problem, if this thread doesn’t belong here then feel free to move it to support.

Oh darn. Sounds like you need to play more!. I mean what do you want 90 skill coins and have everything unlocked!?

Nice chains tho! I can’t even break more then 300k! At least so far.

I was bored and a Skill Song just happened to play at that time, would be nice if I did get that much “skill coins” but hey, I did get a 08’ Viper HE for my massive chain (wheelspin reward) and thanks for the compliment, Me and My custom-tuned 58’ Fury just loves to turn heads and tear things up.

EDIT: I Just wanted to see how many points I could rack up, I’d say I did a mighty fine job.

I just did the same. Was joking around on the air strip and pulled a 1,800,000 and only got 3 skill points. then i tried to just get a small one on like 100k and i got 1 point. Seems like its capped or something.

Hmm, now it looks like there is a cap but to me, it defeats the purpose of doing stunts, the game encourages you to do stunts but if you do too much then you get close to nothing back.