Skill Multiplier is wrong?

Soo, using the 2013 BMW M6 Coupe FE, with all perks filled, drifting around, my multiplier maxes out at 7, then when a skill song is playing, top left corner text says ‘Double skill points while song is playing’ - yet now my multiplier is stuck at 10x.

Now many many many moons ago, long ago in the before time, i went to school, and back then, ‘double’ meant 2x, and 2x7=14, however this was many years ago, things might have changed, but i suspect not.

So either the game cant count, or ‘Double skill’ means 'Double the base value, pre-perks, and thats kinda silly imo

Also the skill songs come on waaaay to far apart, less than 1 pr hour, or mqaybe i spend to much time in my home painting and setting up cars…

I think it is one skill song per hour and they only start in freeplay.

Multiplier capped at 10.


Yeah, double 7 is not 10. I noticed this a while back.

Its not just that you can only earn a maximum of 10 skill points per skill combo. So for example to earn 10 points you need 500,000 skill score but if you earned a 1,000,000 you still get 10 rather than 20. But yeah I agree cars with a higher skill multiplier should have it doubled in skill songs.

you misunderstand me…

When you drift/brake something/whatever, you get 2 numbers on screen, a points value and a multiplier, and depending on what car you are driving, the multiplier can go as high as 8, during normal gameplay.
Now, when a skill song is playing, we are supposed to get ‘Double Skillpoints’ - and the multiplier will now go to 10, but, if you are in a car, that has a multiplier of x7, then x10, is not double, yes you will need to less to get to the 500.000 points, 50.000 compaired to 71,500 for a x7 car.

2x7 can equal 10 if you’re using base14.


Make some cars “unfair” by giving them extra multiplier…, but (limit) make them “fair” when a Skill Song is played = Terrible Logic (i don’t care what the Excuse is for that)… Double should mean: Double.
Take extra multipliers away from cars…, problem solved. (While You’re at it, take away “Forza Edition” cars as well)
Not like we can “Request” Skill Songs anymore.
BMW Drift Skills Boost car gets x7, whereas poor Mercedes-Benz Drift Skills Boost car has no extra multiplier (making the latter car an Inferior choice to opt for). Poor old Audi doesn’t even get a Special “Forza Edition” car. 3 Competing Brands, not being treated equally. I simply don’t understand this “logic” (& neither would i accept an Excuse)