Singleplayer street races more difficult than championships and exhibitions?

Is it my imagination or are street races in singleplayer noticeably harder than championships and exhibitions.
Playing at above average I find in championships and exhibitions so long as I race reasonably well and don’t screw up too bad I’ll win a race.
Street races on the other hand I find myself typically finishing around 5th-6th with the front 3-4 racers considerably ahead of the rest of the field.

They are harder, yeah, but they still scale to PI. I’d try using a B or A class car for them, the margin for error will be much greater that way.

I did them all in D and C and just pulled away from the pack and never saw them again on unbeatable. The AI gets better and the actual players ourselves get worse with each increase in class.


In C and D it actually becomes harder again in some respects as you need to keep good lines and keep your momentum through the whole race. I find B and A give you more opportunities to pass while penalising you less for bumping into cars.

But since you’re playing on Unbeatable my advice won’t be enough, you’re going to need the right car and the right tune to get through it.

C and D are just easy even on unbeatable. Passing? You pass the pack in the first 10 seconds and never see them again unless you blow a checkpoint. And I am not even talking pure power builds. I did most street races in a D class Opel GT which was not built well (ie very balanced build) and it blew them away by 10-15 seconds on unbeatable. I have since rebuilt that Opel to be even better. I have been testing all of my D and C class cars in a blueprint championship I made and I typically beat unbeatable by 15-20 seconds on point to point and a couple of seconds per lap on circuits.

It is really like running rivals. You pass them immediately and they are never seen again.

Depends what kind of C or D car you’re using. You can get crazy acceleration and launch in both C and D, and that negates the need for keeping up constant speed with perfect lines through turns. A mistake isn’t the end of the race either. As long as you can handle the stock rubber through the turns, the AI doesn’t have a chance.

I was done with the street races before I learned about overpowered (and generally overperforming) lower-class cars. I guess I should re-run a couple in my C600 40’s Mercury just for the jollies.

Well you start in last place on a street race. So you’re at a disadvantage compared to exhibitions and championships immediately.

Way harder, you have to win it.

street races are much harder for some reasonbut they sure were fun to do. Kinda want more in the expansion. Snowy street races will be pretty wild heh.

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They are harder in a sense. As stated above, it’s cause you start at the back and have to win them. It is also because even with a pi balance, some cars are just naturally faster than other cars in the same class (as drag racing shows us).

If the races are too difficult, the 106 PI stock Meyers Manx will beat them easily. :slight_smile:

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I did most street races in a 1965 Mini Cooper S Horizon Edition tuned up to A800 (AWD) and just tweaked the final drive for top speed. The car handles like a dream and I haven’t found something equally fun at higher tiers yet.

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Metro MG Horizon Edition or Peugeot 205 T16 with the upgrade hero kit. :slight_smile:

Unbeatable AI use rubber banding, so I’d take the difficulty down a notch.

Not only Unbeatable afaik.

Holy buckets.
I took a Ford F100, tuned it to a PI of about 272 with 200hp and that thing just walks all over the street races.
I’ve done 5 or 6 races and usually finish 10-15 seconds ahead of the next closes racer.
The AI really doesn’t know how to race or perhaps tune low class cars it seems.

Going to have to try a C class car and see if that makes the races a little closer.

B class all day man! It is by far the most fun class. Still have some speed, but it is all about the handling. Which is right up my alley. Sharp turns are my favorite thing.

That’s it. My guess is that the AI goes for balanced builds, while acceleration, launch and speed are by far the most important attributes in the game. So the drivatars end up with cars that don’t have a chance against our builds, once we know how to make them.

Been playing on Highly Skilled using a 93’ GTR with the PI maxed at B Class.

I have had absolutely no trouble beating the street races so far. It’s all in the tuning my friend. If you would like, I can send you my tune setup for you to try. I usually win with a 1-2 second margin on the second to highest difficulty.

I generally build my cars for handling, not max speed. Then I tune the trans for the best acceleration I can to make up for the lack of top speed. Basically, the Miata theory, lol.

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This “Midnight Battle” function of the game was IMO the best new part of Horizon. I loved this. Had so much fun. The Challenge was there EVERY race. Thanks T10 and Playground!

Used a C class 57 Chevy for most, then a Ferrari488 tuned to S2 to knockout the finale…because I wanted to match the “heritage” of my competition.

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