Single player

Who else finds they basically have to cheat to have any chance of winning in single player? I find it annoying you always have to come 3rd or higher to progress. I wish they would make single play like Forza 5. Still progress but less rewards

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i think they did it that way to force people into getting into the habit of changing cars and or tunes to win on different tracks so it didn’t become a habit they carried online and got frustrated leading to wrecking people. they are training people to use more competitive equipment which changes from track to track. they seen how much forcing people to go from last place to 1st place trained people offline to try to win in turn1 online. offline trains online behavior. and maybe its working. i dont see nearly as many threads about people, espically new players, thinking bashing their way to 1st is the proper way to play. there are not nearly as many dirty driver threads now. perhaps they have succeeded in training people to pick more competitive equipment to be competative, to use their own cars brakes rather than the cars in front of them.

If this is the case, why is it so much of a pain to switch cars in single player. You can pick a car and they expect you to use that for the entire chapter. To change cars you have to exit after a race, change to an appropriate car, and then go back into the chapter. I guess you can use one cr and switch out tunes because you can access the tuning menu from the race screens - is that more of what you’re getting at?

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Sorry Rdo, I have to completely disagree! As a long time Forza owner/player… T10 is not trying to train you to not be a basher, just the oppisite, which is why in Career/single layer mode you have to push/bash your way through the first few turns in short races in order to be 1st, 2nd, 3rd… otherwise they would allow you to set the number of laps… or time the race will be. In 2/3 laps races there is almost no other way…plus the AI’s, though based on your friens do not dive like most racers but crash, push and bang you in the first few turns…! Wait until you get to the uper class cars… like the prototypes… it almost ridiculous how the AI behaves in these races. For a player that trys to be completely clean and runs all assist off in Simulation mode its almost a crash derby on tracks like Rio, Long Beach, and Spa in turns 1/2. Long Beach in turn one and then around the fountain is laughable in some races.

So I disagree… T10 should incoorporate penalty’s for poor racing like a drive through or a 5 second slow down for crashing… not force you to finish in the top three in 2/3 laps races.


It’s possible to finish 3rd without tuning and without bashing your way through, I’m rarely higher than 8th or 9th after first corner. If I can do it, anyone can do it.

The format of the career races is another subject altogether. But it hasn’t been in Forza since yesterday, so it’s safe to assume majority enjoys it and it’s here to stay. Take it or leave it.

Coming 3rd is doable for me. Some tracks more, some less, but definitely doable.

I don’t think I’ve won a career race on unbeatable yet, but I hadn’t played since FM4 well over 2 years ago, so at the moment it’s more about practicing, progressing and unlocking events.

Fair point rdo. Unfortunately I’m not very good at tuning :(. Guess I’ll have to teach myself. Personally I never used to mind coming 5th or 10th and it’s the same for me online. I just want to unlock the next series a little bit quicker :p. I’m not a road basher online and I hate it when others do it. I play sim racers to simulate real racing as much as possible. If I wanted crash and bash I’d play an arcade game :p. Did you ever play grid autosport on xbox360? It came out in 2014 but I don’t think it came out for Xbox one. If you cut a corner in that game it would give you a penalty and force your car to slow down for 5 seconds letting the people you pass regain position. In saying that though it still let you progress if you didn’t come top 3; your sponsor just got mad at you haha. Maybe it would be a good feature in Forza online to stop cheaters?

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you can download great tunes for free if you have live gold. if you dont have live gold just post what cars/ track/ and class you need tunes for in the tuners lounge and tell them you need the settings because you cant download from live. there are helpful people who will give you good tunes. or look in threads with “opensource” in the title, they’ll give you the parts and settings you need. and look on the fm5 boards too, most of those tunes still work in fm6.

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Thank you. I would like to learn to tune myself too though. Very time consuming though :p. Still enjoying the game heaps. Motorsport games are all I ever play really haha

people on the tuners lounge will help you with that too. if you ask a question you’ll most likely get it answered, often multiple ways. just try the solutions and see which works best for you.

This is my only gripe with career mode so far, I wish when the new track loaded or whilst your still at the completed race screen you could select a car for the next track. One of the things I’m really enjoying about Forza 6 is that I’ve focused on using a new car for every race because in Forza 5 I reckon I only used maybe 30 cars of the 300, and out of that only about 5 regularly. But having to quit after every race then re-enter career is a bit of a pain.

pretty much. its teaching you there is no one size fits all solution so you dont expect it online and know what to change to to be competative. maybe its just me but i dont think there are nhearly as many dirty driver complaints as there were in 5. people aren’t being trained to expect to win on their 1st try everytime. ots trying to get back more to fm1s style where you had to figgure it out to progress which led to clearner racing online. yes turn one is still turn one, but you dont see people waiting at the starting line to take out the leader near as much. the frustration level seems much lower online. but maybe that is just my perception. i dunno.

If you could do qualifying etc to improve the grid position would be the best way to improve SP, instead of constantly having to fight your way through the field.

After all it is meant to be a racing game. They have practice but no qualifying, go figure.


Sigh… How I long for qualifying… If only project cars wasn’t a complete let down. I was so excited for it but then I played it… Lol

kip you are free to have a differing openion. like i said the only think i can prove is that my perception is there are fewer intentional wreckers and there are fewer dirty racer thread. the rest is pure conjecture on my part. i cant prove you are wrong. i’m not going to get mad just because someone sees it differently than i do.

I personally do not see an issue with having to place 3rd or higher in order to advance. There have been many times where I have had to redo a race because I do not place on the podium due to a mistake by me in a corner or by race contact with an AI. It just makes me work harder the next time to get my spot on the podium. Maybe it is just me but when I was younger (I’m 37) and doing sports, not getting a trophy just because I played on the team but had to work for it and perform better than the others, makes it to where I work harder else where instead of thinking advancements need to be handed to me.

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True. Not winning does make you work harder. But that was not my original point. To put in perspective: when you played team sport when you were younger and your team lost did that mean you didn’t get to play the next game? All I was saying was I think it would be good if I could come say 5th or 6th and still get to go to the next race. I’m not talking about final or ‘knockout’ series just the standard series. I don’t want to turn the AI down or assists on just so I can progress. I’m not asking to be handed an award (I did mention getting less cr and xp).