single player multiclass groups

hi folks

sorry if this has been asked before, couldn`t find anything.

is it possible to run more than 2 classes in free play mode? it seems that there is a default setting on “2” classes when choosing multiplayer. the field is greyed out and i can not change it. i`d like to run 3-4 classes in one race if possible.



Set game mode to Circuit then go to Advanced Rules and change the number of Buckets to 4, then use filters to choose the cars for each bucket. You can either have a field of homologated divisions, or cars that fit your Car Restriction parameters, but if you set Restrictions, the Drivatars will use the max PI car that fits those restrictions.

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thanks mate…i always set the game mode to multiclass and not circuit…this was the problem. you helped me a lot!

So please help… What is the best way to setup a LeMans like race with LMP1, LMP2, GT3 and GT… THANKS!