Single Player AI cars unable to buy?

I have been roaming around Colorado as have seen a car i would buy. The Ford Fiesta Zetec s. I have looked through all the dlc packs, through the car shop and have to be unable to buy this certain car. I have also looked on the paintjob store front and searched “Ford Fiesta” and have seen loads of skins for it. My question is where can i get it?

Read the top post in this forum about Unicorn cars:

Ok :slight_smile: Thanks for the reply. Sad thing is i would have no chance in the contests so i cant get any :frowning:

You can get the outside of contests too. Replying in WIR, RVM, HMA, or any of the news threads with something fun or note worthy can bag you a unicorn in-game.
You can also try for the rare GWD too.

Whats the GWD? And remember if you comment on one of those articles remember to put in your gamertag and what car you would like.

it’s short for Game With Devs; I’ve been trying to get in one, but no luck since those lobbies are always full.

Unicorn car.

Aha, That’s where I have gone wrong then. Not putting in my GT and choice of car. Best start again. :slight_smile:

Hummm… Week in Review doesn’t work anymore…
The only time where the Week in Review was giving unicorn’s was when the team was doing Scavenger Hunt’s. Those ended a looooooong time ago…