Since when did buggy game launch became the norm…

It’s unacceptable that even racing games like this have so many issues on launch.

-connection issues
-rain splats don’t disappear even when your in the garage etc
-paint glitches like the lack of chrome shine on the e34 m5 rims is still a thing since FH3!? I mean how?

Still the same horrible Forza spoilers since FM5 and still 180 degree turn animation in cockpit, laughable how lazy playground and T10 are and you just watch the media give it a 10/10.

Just pathetic. Fix this stuff


They will keep doing it as long as people keep paying them to be beta testers. FH5 started right where they left off in FH4.
Media never actually plays the game, they watch the sane canned previews they show gamers. I refuse to pre order any game, but until everyone takes that route, developers will continue to produce crap.


Yeah this Early Access is a disappointment so far, lots of bugs, you have to jump through hoops to sort some of them out.


Literally every single Forza game. Nothing new. They will work it out.

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With game pass im sorta glad im not buying the game anymore, but still. I Agree it’s almost every installment things go wrong,
which in itself should mean that they should get a handle on releasing the game in working order. I miss the day when things needed
to work on launch due to a physical release.

Forza has never started off on a good foot. Always been bugy day 1 every lunch since forza 3. Dont ever but much hope in any major game changes we are still rocking car models since forza 2.

hmmm i think the forza is les bug from other game studio and more optimize on dx 12 is 1 day come out relax…

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It still has bugs and issues going back months or years, it isn’t just because it’s day one.

They’ve also introduced NEW issues which they will likely never fix, like the missing tacho needle or the redesigned livery editor which is harder to use.

“buggy game launches” became the norm back when Dls’s and Microtransactions killed content rich Addons that kept u busy for ages^^

Tbh. ive seen worse launches, and keeping in mind my pc is running the game on 1080p res. low with stable 60fps without meeting the official min. requirements i cannot be that bad as many ppl make it out to be^^
Only thing that starts to annoy is the player sync/constant connection problems spam and the fact that we still got things like anna/forza link forced onto our keybinds :confused:

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i have a theory: Bethesda has been doing this for years and guess who bought them? that’s right, MICROSOFT. i guess they wanted to get in on the action. you know it’s bad when even venerated studios such as CDPR do it as well.

Don’t know where you’ve been buddy but buggy game releases have pretty much been the norm since the start of the XB1/PS4 era.

Since games as a service and online updates became the norm. It’s people with weak internet who will become true enemies of this cukture as they cant afford to download 100G for a game and then another 50G to fix it without spending hours or days doing so.

Stop buying early access or pre-orders is a way to challenge this norm. It is ofc very embarrasing already to drop massive titles that then dont work but it’s not strong enough motivator for publishers to change.
Battlefield, Vanguard and Forza are all broken at release.

All these posts and they will buy the next Forza day 1. Our current consumer culture is hilarious. Please change, here is my money.

I didn’t buy it… I’ve played it on a £1 game pass trial.

Welcome to the videogaming industry of today. And this has been happening since a decade ago. Today videogame companies dont focus on quality, they focus on speed and $$$. The golden age of videogames is long gone dude. So answering your title question, yes, its the new normative. With every single game. It doesnt matter if it comes from a big company or a little one. Also, did you even bother to check the steam catalog? lol. 75% of the titles are unpolished alpha state games. And they are put there to be sold anyways. As i said, quality in videogames is something tabu these days. Dont look for that, its an advise. And before you say “but i paid an insane amount of money for this, i deserve a polished product”. No you dont. You already played FH4, right? then you should know where this franchise was going before you bought FH5. And you bought FH5 anyways. So, you got what you deserve, no more, no less. This is just how it works. Today. If people want things to improve, the worst thing they can do is to buy again, the next title of the franchise lol. Thats like buying a car knowing that the manufacturer is terrible and that the car is going to have tons of problems, but you tell yourself that the next one is going to be different… lol.

A big part of the problem is that there is no real competition between studios anymore. Large publishers like EA and Activision has bought up all competition and shut them down. You either buy whatever they’re pushing out the door, or just forget about it. They know it, they’ve spent billions of dollars making sure they control the market. A game is not ready for launch? PUSH IT OUT THE DOOR! Gotta keep investors and shareholders happy, they’re the only important people we care about, can’t miss a deadline. People who actually play the games will just have to take what is give to them, no matter how broken it is: they have no other choice.

Imagine any other market run like the gaming market is… You’d have IRON MAN 14, where you had to subscribe to something to even get a chance to pay to see the movie. Then you’d have to pay extra if you wanted to see the ENTIRE movie. And there might be some scenes here and there missing the visual effects because the VFX studio didn’t manage to get all the visual effects done in time, but screw the viewer because “we got a deadline people, push it out the door!!!”

Some of the biggest gaming franchises just launched, and they’re yet again BROKEN at launch - like they were last year, because there’s no real motivation to put out a fully working product, because there’s no fear that the customers will flock over to the competition… because there is no competition. There’s also no need to spend money on a large quality assurance team, because the customer is now the bug tester.

This is what happens when greed is left unchecked. Welcome to gaming.

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I worked for Activision, and it was about making the perfect game when I was there. No bugs allowed.

It will only get worse. We still buy them. So it literally doesn’t matter. It is unacceptable. But its accepted regardless.

Edit. Ill add to the pile of grievances as well
-For nearly half of all ingame notifications, it instantly kills your cars momentum. New bug or exclusive feature?
-Invisible traffic cars likely caused by server sync issues.
-Still lacking the ability to skip through the tedious zoom ins and outs throughout the game
-Completing a race has a chance to run you through a post race screen that doesnt show your winnings. but rather shows your festival points, Or accolade points, Not sure which is which because theres more than a dozen different corresponding point systems in the game. Otherwise. It boots you straight to the open world. Which would be much preferred as a universal option.
-You cant actually mute the character voices, and their voice lines overlap. They’re annoying enough as is. Lets sit through 2 minutes of them talking about things literally even the media managers and ‘lifestyle ambassadors’ at xbox wouldn’t care about.

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