Since we have realistic detailed engines/bays, why not an option to remove hoods?

All I’m saying is since we have crazy details under the hood, why not give us the option to remove the hood so we can drive around without a hood?

We have designers who make super realistic engines and engine bays using the vinyl editor, obviously this feature is wanted and it hurts no one by adding it.

Or maybe it can be added to the next horizon game with even further development in the engine bays, when you swap an engine, you see the swapped engine, if you turbo an engine you see a turbo in the engine bay, same thing with a supercharger. PG have a lot of time for development for FH5.


The gameplay car models are less detailed than the ones used in Forzavista. Showing the engines during gameplay would require quite a lot of work to lower their level of detail, as the complexity of the engine models could make automated reduction in geometric detail very unforgiving. A lot of the geometry would need to be replaced with simpler geometry where details are baked in as textures. It would also eat into the polygon budget for the rest of the car.

It gets even more complicated when you consider that the non-player cars are rendered with less detail than the player car.

So it’s not possible to do in FH4, but they could probably do it in future titles.

3D graphics slow games down. The engines in the game will have probably been removed.

Because Eliminator and Lego.

(also what Zacabeb said, IIRC the in-game LODs are not as “full” as the ForzaVista ones)

I think it’s actually a pretty cool idea. While I’m sure everyone is correct about the challenges involved plus the time developing it and justifying the expense, the Deuce coupe has the option of removing the hood and lots of others have the supercharger above the hood so it’s already happening a bit. I would guess it’s only fully rendered in camera/forzvista mode.