Since installing update, game continuosly loops intro then dashboards

As above… This isnt for me, mine works fine. He has the 81.99 digital version if that makes any difference.


same thing is happening to my digital copy. it locks at the turn 10 logo on the intro with a loud noise then back to the dashboard. tried the hard reset but no luck. guess i have to reinstall?? :frowning:

Same here, digital deluxe locking up at the same spot. Did reinstall help?

My mate is trying a reinstall too. If that doesnt work, what else could he try? TURN 10, this shouldnt be happening…

If reinstall doesn’t help, you might want to clear Local Saved Games and resync with the cloud. If that fails, time to send T10 an email.

well tried reinstalling the game WITHOUT the december car pack and that didn’t work. Cleared the local game save and just as it slips past the 99% mark for syncing it crashed again at the load screen and back to dashboard.

Not sure what to do at this point outside of look for a new racing game elsewhere…

My mate PMT VYBZz has just had to delete his entire save game and cloud storage to get the game running. Extreme, but it works! Turn 10, I may suggest that you gift PMT VYBZz some cars and money as he is talking about PS4’s…

Just tried playing the game on another profile and the game worked fine on that. Tried the fury and Koenigsegg in free play and that worked well. Went back to load it up on my main profile thats having this issue and once again, after taking 10 minutes to sync a 48mb game save from the cloud it froze/crashed back to dashboard right after slipping past 99%.

I tried the uninstall reinstall as well with no luck. I can’t bring myself to delete the profile just yet. I sent T10 an email at the forzafb email address… Still waiting for a response.

Same issue here. I have not had any problems until the update on Tuesday and now I have not been able to play since.

Deletion seems to be the only answer Im afraid. TURN 10. if you are out there… Patch or NFFP refunds… Your choice really.
And send me cars, while Im making demands…

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Deletion and starting from scratch is not acceptable 3 months into the game unless they can replace everything that we currently have. I also sent an email but doubt I will get a reply. They need to fix this ASAP.

Ok things just got stranger. I tried forza horizon 2 yesterday and it played fine and i shut it down properly (menu, dashboard, hit options and quit out of game). After another failed sync attempt with my forza 6 save after once again clearing “local saved games”, i try horizon 2 and now the sync doesn’t want to load. Took over an hour just to get to 99%. Decided to say screw it, hit cancel, quit game, disconnected from the internet and tried loading it again and it booted fine with all my cars. Didn’t try getting online again because i know its gonna be another wait experiment.

For the record i fired up GTA5, Halo:MCC, and RIDE which are disk based as well as Tomb raider, Titanfall and Trails fusion which are digital downloads and they ALL synced with the cloud just fine and FAST. I have yet to put in Forza 5…afraid to see what happens really…

Beginning to wonder if its really a problem with the cloud itself or if something has really hit the skids between xbox profiles and turn 10’s coding.

Hi folks,

For those of you running into the issue where you cannot load into Forza 6, can you please let me know (if you can remember) the last car you were driving prior to the December update before you ran into this issue?


I wish my memory was that good. If I had to guess it was likely one of these: 2012 Charger, GT350R Mustang, or 2015 Camaro Z28

I have tried a few things but it still isn’t working. Sorry, I can’t recall the last car I was driving before the update. I do have the digital ultimate edition if that helps.


same problem for me. My digital Forza Ultimate Edition won’t start after the latest patch. Tried a few hardresets, deleted the game + gamesave and nothing helped. If i remember correct, the last car i used was the Formula Ford 200 EcoBoost.

Mustang GT350R - I know you guys are working on it, but is it possible to get an ETA or timeline of whats going to happen because like a lot of other people we cannot play the game at all, and are tired of waiting with no answers at all.

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What he said.

Well last car i was using before the update was a 2001 acura Integra Type-R with a great C Class tune by BIG W0RM 80 (will download this again!)

Unfortunately, after horizon 2 and Forza 5 succesfully synced only to have my Forza 6 freeze once again after Sloooooowly getting to and past 99%, i decided to erase my game save to reload and start over. It sucks but its not totally terminal. Once again i have the digital ultimate edition and got pretty much all the loyalty cars and 500k credits back when you first load the game. No HALO mustangs or fallout truck but no big deal. My main concern was the tunes i used and besides having my own archive list on my phone and pc of tunes i’ve enjoyed using and who made them, i can re-download my most loved tunes from the rivals leaderboards providing they’re still shared. And if some are missing i’ll replace them with something faster (there always is something faster). Either way i’ll rebuild my Car Legion better. Piece by Piece, Win by WIN.

With that said, before anyone busts out the torches and pitchforks for turn 10, I just wanna say i still love the forza series and turn 10. Glitches and bugs aside its still one of the best racing games out all around and i hope they can learn from these posts/data and fix this bug before it effects anyone else or strikes the effected again. On a side note I am NO FAN of the cloud save and would be perfectly fine having the option to take a extra minute or two to back up my game data on a USB drive or external drive if the option was ever made available. Yeah the hackers/mods would have a field day but we had 4 forzas’s already that had that risk to deal with and last i checked, the world didn’t implode with hacks. And I personally would rather risk that then play a game that has a lifespan of a year or three just to have all the work and rewards go to scrap because something didn’t sync right on the other end. Cloud saving may be the future but until its as reliable as a USB port it has no future i’m interested in thank you.