Simulation GT? Why did you take it out?

Recently simulation GT was added to multiplayer. Basically R-Class with damage on. Why in the world did you get rid of it? It was the only other multiplayer lobby besides endurance racing that had damage simulation on. It is literally the only thing that keeps people from pushing you off the road intentionally. If your not going to add a penalty system for Forza 7 then at least keep some extra lobbies open with simulation on. I did want to note that you did replace simulation GT with simulation compact sport…unfortunate the D-Class cars used are far to slow to ever receive damage…so it pretty useless to have. In closing, please bring back simulation GT. I was having allot of fun.

Thanks, and also I realize adding a penalty system into the current Motorsport might be challenging, but I hope it gets into Forza 8 if that is a thing IDK.

I didn’t understand why this lobby existed to be honest. Forza GT endurance lobby has been in game since day 1. I personally enjoy the option of the V8 Supercars or Touring Cars as simulation lobbies. They were both available for a short time and disappeared. They brought fantastic close races.

Penalty system is confirmed coming for 7 and I am positive it will carry over to 8. Time will tell for sure.

Yeah they really need to get on the penalty system they promised a long time ago instead of prioritizing things like drag racing.


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*a lot