Simulation Damage in Multiplayer

I’ve been playing the single player mode with, amongst other settings, simulation damage on. I had my first online championship last night, and started things off on king of the hill. Now as luck would have it I started as king, for all of 20 seconds. A heavy impact and I lost it, and the ability to drive. I’ll be honest, it was a bit of a shock to find that damage settings are left on in a heavy contact mode like KOTH, or multiplayer in general (when was the last time you had a no contact race online).

So my point is this, is there any chance of having damage automatically disabled when you go online, or will we have to change difficulty settings every time we go from SP to MP?

you have to switch before you go on multiplayer

It should be disabled because it’s not fair against other players that have damage set on Simulation. I have played some rounds and my car was unable to drive but others simply played without any problem. My opinion is to disable damage both… for King and Infected modes.

Just turn your damage to cosmetic before entering multiplayer. Simple.

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Same thing happened to me, OP. I was like WTF when in a “fun” game mode my car sustained actual damage… and the other players were able to drive on like nothing happened.

They should of left sim damage with the motorsport series on the track with IMO.

In my opinion, providing adjustable settings - like simulation damage - is better than minimizing gameplay options.


Forza online and damage is a thing of the past, Its set up now for casual players.

I would say Forza “offline” and damage is a thing of the past to since they introduce kamikaze drivatars offline.

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