Simulation damage in leagues?

Ok so I haven’t played Forza 6 in 2 months so I can back and found out my damage was on simulation during leagues. I checked my assists and they’re on cosmetic. Is this a new rule for leagues or is it just a bug?

The top 2 league divisions i think it is have simulation damage on at all times

Ahhh ok. Now it makes sense. I’m in the elite division so now I understand. Thank you!

Professional has it also for the Lambo thingy. TURN 10 PLEASE KEEP IT THAT WAY!!! (And do it for other professional leagues too)

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I can’t stand racing with strangers with sim damage. I havnt player in three weeks.

Damage stops a lot of the rammers

I find it encourages them, their only aim is to destroy someone’s race. So not only are they knocking you off a corner so you lose places, you also are then crawling around at 10mph so unable to recover. At least with damage off you have a fighting chance to get back to the front. On the first day of Season 2 League the damage was left off (by accident I assume) and it was great, each time I was smashed off I had chance to recover.

They don’t care about trashing their own cars as they can still cause havoc with their damaged car next lap.

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I quite agree Sim Damage has done nothing to deter the griefers!!!

I would like to have simulation on ghost leagues. That’s stimulating correct driving and opponents can’t do any harm too me. Unfortenaly the only way to avoid wreckers.

Positive : we are back on our old level without playing…

its on right now in ghost in Elite at least

I read somewhere that the four divisions are not equal in terms of numbers. And that the first 2 groups are not that big as pro and fan together… So pro with simulation yes on ghost should be good.

Personally I have enjoyed the Sim damage in the league matches, its made a welcome change to the norm. It was difficult to get used to and there has been a fair few accidents on track, but there hasn’t been any back markers purposely trying to cause accidents lap, after lap, after lap. If the competition is meant to be harder rather than easier why to protect and baby everyone by turning the difficulty down for everyone.

I would happily say that if I saw a league lobby with Sim damage on I would pick and race in it over any other lobby without a second thought now. It would be interesting to have a poll on the whole Ghost\Cosmetic\Sim damage lobbies but I wouldn’t like to see it enforced that all lobbies had to be one or another.

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I agree, im liking the sim damage, i havnt had any encounters with any wreckers so… and i was in the hothatch league and there was no sim damage and i got rammed of the racing surface.

I would like it, if the ghosting would work properly. Daytona start, the car in second doesn’t move of the line, cars in fron of me weaving around it and I smash right into the back. Race ruined.
Starting from behind on any track, big smoke in the first corner, you hit something. Race ruined.
Starting up front, rammer comes from behind, not even trying to break…race ruined…
Driving with a lot of speed, lag happens, car appears in front of me…race ruined…

So when there are clean racers it’s all fun and fine. But most of the time it’s just a pain in the ass…

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