Simulation damage Bug

It’s been going around in the Forza community on twitter with evidence to support curbs occasionally destroying your car since the update

Couldn’t see anything about this in the discussion and I’m sure T10 are aware but just making sure.

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Is this really a bug?

I mean, on real racetracks you can’t go on certain kerbs as you want, as you could easily damage your car.

For example, in the last chicane of Catalunya GP, in real life, I’ve jumped in the air onto two wheels for being too much aggressive. I have seen people damaging suspension, silentblocks and stabilizers on there.

I remember in Forza Motorsport 4, if you tune your car with really low height and you drive very aggressive on some tracks, cutting kerbs, etc. you got your suspension damaged. Is this the same case, maybe related of how is the car tuned?

I’d love to see material fatigue and damage going on extreme setups, as in reality. Maybe is already implemented.

You are really looking waaaay to deep into this.

Here is just 2 clips on twitter, one of which from a top ForzaRC player.

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I just tried it myself, free play on Mugello with sim damage. Driving on some of the curbs will damage your car (with collision mode on or off, that doesn’t mather).

First race, first turn at Hockenheimring I touched the curb and instant damage. I think I’ll be staying off simulated damage races for a while.


Maybe the bug isn’t that the kerbs hurt the car at all but that since Forza Motorsport 5 all parts get only 0 or 100 percent damage like there is nothing between. In early Forzas you got suspension damage when you drove over kerbs too hard or when the car got too deep into the suspension after a landing. So you often got 2 or 3 percent suspension damage after one lap of Nordschleife.

But now Forza only knows full damage or no damage. There is no 2%, 5% or 14% damage at all in this game.

I’m not 100% sure if every part works like this but there is definitely percentage damage for engine and transmission.

Got me at Monza in a Forza GT Endurance race yesterday. Ascari chicane.

Same here on Laguna Seca on the corner before corkscrew, brakes, aero and transmission damaged for jumping over the piano.

But don’t get me wrong, I know it’s a bug but kinda cool actually if my car was low enough.

Simulation damage has always been buggy in this game anyway. I’ve never had a loose tire damage my car but I’ve had styrafoam boards damage my car. You can’t get 10% or 21% damage in collisions anymore. It’s either 100% or nothing so minor taps don’t do anything. Little taps and scrapes don’t weaken your car like they did in FM4. Bottoming out or aggressively hitting curbs will do absolutely nothing t your car 99% of the time and when that 1% does occur, it’s a glitch. Hitting tire walls 9 / 10 won’t damage your car either unless you’re traveling at some serious speed. The damage model in this game is just broken completely honestly.