Simple fact about the AMC Pacer X 1977

Today i saw something that caught my eye.
This weekends forzathon was quite easy and when i got the AMC Pacer X i noticed that they got the year wrong. The AMC Pacer X was not introduced until 1979.
You can do a simple search on wikipedia or google. They really need to check fact before they release a car.

Have a nice day // Bassemann87

My Wiki says 1975-1979

Cool ad from 1976

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Agreed. And the X package was available 75-78.

The new model a VAM Pacer X came out in 1979.

oops you where right, my bad. thanks for correccting me :slight_smile:

Can any Moderator lock this thread? Thanks // Bassemann87

The Pacer X was introduced in 1975 and was available in 1977. You can find this in Wikipedia, AllPar and the various Pacers for sale on the internet. You really need to do a fact check before attempting to call people out for giving you free DLC.


Sorry but its you who needs to check facts.

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I did a simple search on wikipedia:

“The “X” Package: Available as the Pacer X from 1975–1978 in coupe form, this version was renamed Sport in 1978 and subsequently eliminated. The trim package consisted of vinyl bucket seats, sports steering wheel and custom trim, as well as a floor-mounted gear shift and front sway bar. The model received exterior chrome features, styled road wheels, Pacer X decals on the doors, and other package identification.”