Sim Vs Normal steering on pad?

Which should you use? Ive read mixed opinions on old posts, apparently some wheel manufacturers say normal is for wheels and sim is for controllers to give a better sense of weight transfer and to make oversteer easier to correct. So which is the best option?

Yeah SIM all the way on a controller. It takes getting used to but my god once you do it’s extremely quick.

And then we wonder why multi-player is a mess!!!
Two words:- sim twitch.

Op. If your fairly inexperienced stay normal online and try sim off-line in free play until you have mastered it.

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You know if this was true then most would just spin out on the corner and that would be that.

whichever you prefer.

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The “dampening” effect mentioned in the game when describing Normal steering is mostly felt during grip loss. Making corrections with Normal steering is easier because the counter-steering movement is dampened.

After a few tests I realized the setting may not be related to speed sensitivity, because with Simulation steering there’s also speed sensitivity when using a controller.

I’m not THAT fast but from my experience with Simulation steering I thought it was an unnecessary handicap for most people. Sure you have more control over the car but it’s up to you to live up to the challenge. It does not benefit you unless you’re at a level of skill way higher than average IMO.

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I used to run Sim steering back in FM4, but since FM5 I have been running normal. Just so I can be more consistent and not have minor mistakes costs seconds.

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Sim steering was only introduced in FM4.

As for the OP, use whatever you feel comfortable with

I prefer sim steering, on “nervous” cars mixed with stability control on. This minimizes breakouts but still gives you the advantage of more direct steering. On well handling cars stability control isn’t needed.

I started using those settings first during novembers bountyhunter, and have improved my driving imensley since

I prefer Normal with a controller. Sim is too twitchy - particularly when counter steering - and feels less like actual driving to me because of it.

Depends on preference.

If you can’t tune a car it’s best to try both and see what’s best. Generally the more the car understeers in stock form, the more likely sim steering is needed to get those extra tenths.

If you can tune the car, it frankly doesn’t matter what you use. You can get the most response out of sim steering but you can achieve similar with normal as well. If you can’t tune well sim steering may be better for some cars.

If you run normal steering, it’s likely best to drop the front steering deadzones to 0 before tuning. With sim steering 0 may be overkill.

In other words. It’s all about what feels comfortable to you.

If you’re like me and don’t want to think when driving (that’s right, I don’t focus much when racing), normal is better. If you prefer focusing hard instead of guessing on inputs, SIM may be better.

I’ve found I can turn tighter on Sim steering than I can on Normal. Tight turns that I just can’t seem to hold on VIR, Bathurst, Long Beach in Normal, I can make just fine in Sim.

Until I spin sideways, that is. I have not mastered Sim steering except on a handful of car+track combinations. At the moment I’m having fun driving as many different cars as possible, and trying other players’ tunes almost every time, so, not focused on mastering Sim steering.

Ive done a bit more testing on both settings and with sim steering I seem to get tank slappers more often, just impossible to correct snap oversteer and I just fishtail off the track, with normal its a lot easier to correct

Sim steering is much more precise than normal steering, and feels more planted when under control, but as soon as you lose grip you’re spinning around so there’s a lot less room for error.

I’ve found that sim steering is very difficult on bumpy tracks like Rio and Dubai. The car gets unsettled way too easily and you have to drive very cautiously which makes you lose time. On most tracks, though, I improved my times by switching to sim steering.

If it means anything to you, I’m pretty sure the majority of top controller drivers use normal steering.

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Well I came straight from Dirt 4 to Forza and the steering feels totally different. In cockpit view the driver never turns the wheel more than about 180 degrees which i find weird because when you try to correct oversteer, even if you put the stick all the way to the left side, the driver doesnt actually turn the wheel much if at all. Compared to Dirt 4 even on tarmac stages he will spin the wheel as much as you want him to when correcting a slide. This doesnt happen on normal or sim steering, feels a bit numb

That’s just a graphical decision made by Turn 10 to make it easier to have a larger amount of cars. It shouldn’t actually affect the steering feel.

I think the main difference between normal/sim steering is that normal steering numbs the immediateness that is a trait of joystick input, whereas sim steering is unfiltered and does exactly what you input. You have to be much more careful with situations that will unsettle the car, as I mentioned before with bumpy surfaces, but also with grass and sidewalls.