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I woudl like to know is anyone using the SIM Dashboard app for phones and tablets to transver race information from FM7 to them such as shifting indikators , gear and stuff. Asking the developer why there is no gear Indicator , and got ansver only because FM7 still does not giving out the telementry data out of the game so the widged is not available.

Any words about this , will this come asap to the game , missing lots of stuff i would like to use on my phone and tablets like , laps time / curent / best / last lap time , position , number of players , gear indicator , even track indikator with curent racer position on it would be nice and stuff such as this…

I also purchased the SIM Dashboard Pro for FM7 but still feel limited on the use because FM7 does not giving out the posibility to use widgets succefully.

i use it but it is basic, no gear info only speed, revs and a few minor widgets.

Waiting on T10 to update.

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I also talked with the developer , as i usibng SIM Dashboard for pCars 1 and 2 , AC and Race Room , he haves all widgets like for those games ready , and he is just waiting for T10 to give the telementry data out for the posibility to use them , so far T10 done it , he will update the app and all will work instantly… Hope T10 will suprise us all with a nice comming update…

What app is this? I cant find it in the Apple App Store. If its android only I’d have to use it on my phone but I’d prefer to use the iPad.


So far i know its Android Only , you need the Android App from the Google Play and the SIM Sashobard server installed on your PC to get it working. Easy to setup all and the app delivery alot of options and posibility but only FM7 leacks on content with telemetry data so there is still lots of missing in the app because FM7 cant handle right now some widgets. Hoefully T10 doing something on this part soon.

I downloaded that app for Android and a couple others on ipad. Some claim to be able to go off the Xbox. If it’s PC only I guess it’s usable in some instances for me but not as good to have as a console version would be.


Come on T10 release more content, such as gear info?

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Great App. I use it all of time in PC2 on the XB1X and it give you everything (way more info than I need). PC2 also allows use of additional USB device (keyboard, button box, etc.) Come on T10, if it can be done with PC2, it should be available in FM7 & FH4.

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Yea , and if you us the app on lets say two tablets or at least have a second device you can ad even a track to shown on the tablet or phone , and it shows you all the player position on it and alarms you if someone done a mistake and at what secotr , getting marked “red color” like this too from the app in pcars 1 and 2 , and as i using Phone for the gear / shift / speed / tire / fuel and stuff indicator , and two more tablets to track infos about the race , the app becomes a little unusefull without full functionality from T10 for FM7.

As the Developer sayed T10 already tould this will be inserted all in forthcomming updates , lets just hope they do it soon.

I haven’t used this app yet but I tried another for iOS that gave me a big display with gear indicator, RPM, and speed. There’s another app for iOS that covers PC, PC2, and some of the F1 games. I think it’s called GTS or STS or something like that. This one will also actually log all of your laps, give full race telemetry read outs and show you what you are doing on different sectors of the track with a graphical display of the track.

The apps seem like a really good way to be able eliminate all of the extraneous data from the screen and give a more immersive experience to the actual driving.


I cant for the life of me get this to work. The app for PC2 and iOS functions fine but no app telemetry data from Forza 7 to the app. I have the data out activated on Forza 7 and the port settings are consistent with the recommended ones in the app.

*Edit: I got the app to work. It has a wonky feature where I have to exit out with the return button and then open the window again to get it to work. I also had to change the port settings in game and in the app because the out going port value was different in my Xbox network settings. The RPM and speed work but the current gear does not. It might be a limitation of Forza 7 right now as far as outgoing data goes.


Nice you got it running now , its really nothing much complicated to setup , but yea ,FM7 is limited right now with the outgoing telemetry data , and thats why we are waiting for an nice update to make us all happy. Im still wonder why they didint already gived out at least the Gear Indicator telemetry but ok… Whos know… :slight_smile:

Could someone point me in the right direction please.

What it the official app called in the adrioid store


Gear info is online now, pretty good app. You do have to pay for it though, i use it for PC2 and Forza.

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Good app. Functionality on FM kind of limited just like actual in game info but better than nothing. Much more functions on PC2 and AC. For FM you get the (limited) timing info, speed, gear, rpm, fuel, gear change light and few others. Nice rev representation with various arrangements of LED’s. You can even make your own gauges with Google images and some Photoshop :wink: All in all worth the purchase and makes the driving experience more customisable as FM HUD is not at all. Easy to set up and use. I like it.

I’ve used it now on FM7, PC2, AC and Euro Truck. One word: brilliant. I don’t play without it. I am really impressed.

I’m actually making one myself.

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Any recommendations on a good dash layout to use with SIM Dashboard for FM7?