Sim damage, long race league?

Looking for a league which always uses sim damage and has longer races. Bored of the 5 minute races on multiplayer so longer races with pitting for fuel and tyre wear would be great. Any recommendations?

I’m into that if you want to friend me and create a race online. I like clean sim racing w/ no assists.

fwiw, with sim racing I tend to like the slower classes more as it reduces the chance of catastrophic damage due to making one mistake…

Add my username, but wouldnt it just be me and you or does the game automatically make other randoms join?

HI guys, feel free to check out Forza Pro League Racing on Facebook, we host numerous events throughout the week, all our series have SIM damage ON we are due to announce series 2 of the Blancpain GT Series too.

This is a longstanding community, about the only place other then the new esports where you can get large fields with endurance racing and competitors of all skill ranges.