Silver and Gold not popping?

Ran the prerequisite cars and won the races on the track, and it’s not there. And it’s not a server lag issue, this was days ago.

Anyone have experience with this one? Is there an alternate car or something?

No issues here; the achievement unlocked just as it suggested it would. Try performing a complete console shutdown to clear your Xbox One’s temporary memory cache by holding down the console’s power button (not the controller’s) until it turns off completely. This has been known to help fix some issues and may trigger the achievement to activate. Otherwise, run a quick one lapper in “Free Play” for either vehicle to see if it’ll get the achievement to pop.

Hmm, I haven’t run anything in freeplay yet. Does it have to be in freeplay?

No, it doesn’t have to be in “Free Play”. I merely suggested it as an option in trying to get the achievement to trigger. Sometimes it just takes a little extra convincing to get your console or the server to recognize you have completed the task.

This worked last night. Thanks!

Ok, will do, thx.