Sick of not getting Race Cars.

Right, first of I’ve been a loyal Forza Motorsport since the first one came out. And that was amazing!

But since FM3 I feel as if the “Motorsport” side of Forza has gone. What I mean is that there’s hardly any RACING cars in the latest edition of the franchise. 23 to be exact.

And I’m not the only one who isn’t happy with Forza. There’s millions of us who aren’t happy that we aren’t getting the latest racing cars in the worlds most iconic series such as FIA WEC BTCC WTCC DTM SUPERGT Blancpain etc etc

So, why have I paid nearly £40 to only get 23 race cars (modern ones, by the way)? Seems unfair on us “racers”

How about the Toyota TS030? Or the Lexus RCF or the BMW M4 DTM? Or the Citroen WTCC car? Or even the latest C7.R?

And it’s next Gen, no night time racing or wet weather that’s such a bummer. And pit stops? Jeez.

Driving around Le Mans in the 2012 Audi without a Toyota TS030 / 040 doesn’t seem right the TS020 is awesome but not what the Audi needs.

So, please tell me I’m not the only who’s slightly let down by the Motorsport side of it?


Totally agree… I miss my race cars! i remember FM1 i think it was had 3 of the same Race car (vettes) lol

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Aint we all, I honestly think PCars will force T10 to step up their game. That game is about racing not driving!

T10 have clearly tried to make a better game than PD…Which they have clearly succeeded i just think they have been so focussed on that they got a little lost on what matters most which is gameplay and for a racer certainly online gameplay.

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Yup! So many race cars on the older titles but now? Nothing! It’s so unfair on the racing fans of the world.

Couldn’t agree more. I’m a huge fan of GT and would love to see cars like the Gallardo, GT-R, Z4, R8, SLS and possibly the new Bentley Continental in their race trim.

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If you have cars you want to see in the game try posting in the car wishlist thread. You may not get that car but it can’t hurt to try.

Tried no one listens


This is the main reason I can’t wait till project cars. This forza should of been called Forza Trackday


Totally agree on that! And yes I would love to see all the GT3 cars on this game and Project Cars will blow Forza away.