Showstopper Acheivement not unlocking

I was doing the last of the dhowcases that I needed to finish, a couple of endurance races. I did Daytona, stopping halfway through by turning off my console and continuing later. Then after that I did the last showcase I needed to do and the acheivement did not pop. It says I am at %100 and it still did not go through. I have tried every possible solution I could think of and still nothing. Anyone know about this?

Just need to be patient
Does it say " done…unlocking "

There has been issues with xbox live the last few days
Must be connected to xbox live for achievements to pop too

I might add that some achievements can pop right away, while others may take several days.

In one case in particular I finished several achievements on the same day. The ones I completed later popped right away while the first one took awhile.

Also, do not be surprised if it takes a week or more for your achievement points to be added to your Forza score.

It just says that the acheivement is at %100 yet the acheivement is not unlocking. It has been 2 days so far, nothing.

Any other word on this?

Try hard resetting your console
Might help…might not

At this point, I have tried every possible thing I can think of. I have even contacted Xbox support a couple of times for assitance and we have tried all of the typical stuff. At this point, I am hoping I can get in contact with Turn 10 themselves, but the odds of that seem low.

So…does Turn 10 actually respond to these support things or not?

I just did the Daytona 300 race AGAIN, still nothing. So far absolutely nothing has worked to unlock this thing and I haven’t gotten a response AT ALL from Turn 10, not on here or Email. Getting rather tired of this.