Showcase rivals dont work

Been trying to do showcase rivals but they dont give any accolade for winning. Tryed on a wing and prayer 3 times with no warning and wining. i get the reward and 1st place but i dont get accolade. Since tjerebis alot of people on rivals list whi have done it there has to be a work around to get it done ?

I have same issues

I will try to come second place and see if that works.

It’s an issue that affects some people but not others (worked fine for me first time I tried)…it’s a Known Issue, whether it gets fixed or not is a different matter:

“Accolades - On a Wing and a Prayer Clean Time - Posting a clean time does not unlock accolade for some players. (Date Added:02.25.22)”

I ran into this issue as well.
I finally got it along with the other showcase rivals by.
Doing a flagged lap and winning and then running a clean lap and winning.


Got it working now but i dont know why, only thing i did was i raced and halfway in the race i restarted and then did a clean lap and i got the accolade

mine wont even register that I’ve completed a clean lap. The leaderboard just doesn’t update the time. I’ve done a completely clean run twice at the ‘catch me if you canyon’ and neither has changed my dirty lap on the leaderboards.

Maybe I have to beat both the train and my rival for it to count? I’m pretty sure I’ve bet the train on both attempts but have been chasing DJS time which is ridiculously quick.

One of the Updates seems to have created the issue with Showcase Rivals…I went back to on a wing and a prayer last week, beat my old time (was a clean lap mind) by 2.6 seconds but the leaderboard didn’t update

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