Show us Your Dragon Arts' Auction Cars

As I type this, the bloodletting has begun. 141 unique auctions have begun to end. Some of you will get amazing designs for prices so low you won’t be able to believe it. Others will spend way more than intended in some testosterone fueled bidding war. It’s what makes these events so special and so much fun. A rousing standing ovation to Dragon Arts for making this such a great event.

Now, how about sharing some photos of your trophies with the rest of us. I’m off to my rocking chair to view the carnage at the finish line

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I did just won a Nissan 240SX SE designed by Dragon Arts, I don’t even know how much I spent for this car, less than 500k CR, I’m so proud I still don’t believe it ! x)

(It’s a black and white Drift design, “Dragon drift”)

Yes. A really sharp car indeed. You may have different rims than in this pic.

This was one of the first Youtube videos I ever made with the help of a really great drifter. Dragon Drift - The Movie 720P will give you the best view. Now get out there and drift. :slight_smile:

Sniff, So sad I wasn’t able to make the end. :frowning:
Hope everyone had a great time and hope you landed some sweet cars.
Like gears said… Thanks Baz!!!

Landed a couple nice cars but missed out on my top two. Don’t have the credits to roll with the heavy hitters. I’ll post some pics soon.


sure were a couple of hard fought ones, but there were some real bargains also!

here are some snapshots of my new rides!

…very pleased, thanks guys!!

Here’s All My Winnings.

Thank You Dragon Arts.

I got the girl who played with fire 8c and girl with dragon tattoo

Gutted, i could’nt make the end of the auction :frowning:

I got the Ferrari 250 GTO [ Girl with Dragon Tattoo ] and boy did that cause havoc in my house. I shout so hard when I won the auction that my wife woke up [was about an hour after midnight] and thought there was some trouble. When she heard I was only celebrating my buy, she really became the girl with the dragon [or the dragon girl]. Have some repair work to do on that front which just might cost me more than a tattoo, but still very glad I got hold of this very awesome paint. Will post picture soon.

Happy racing

Good job Ef-Ay, this is a fantastic paint and glad it went to a good home. Last i saw it. it was way under 10 mil and was terrified some flipper might get it. But it went to a forum-goer, awesome! Good luck with the wife, i suggest she becomes The Girl with the Flowers, Choclates and New Jewelry soon!

I’ll try to get pics of my cars up soon, preferably when PocketPoncho is not around, i snagged two Tekken’s and outbid him on an auction Saturday too. Sorry PP.

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Thanks mate. Looks like I will have to go beyond just choclates - I might have to try the jewelry.

Here’s my new ride. Thank’s Gears and DA - the auction was an awesome experience and hopefully some more to follow one day. The snap below my ride I just couldn’t resist.

!(http://Girl Dragon Tatoo by FA RACING 01, on Flickr)
!(http://Girl Tatoo 2 by FA RACING 01, on Flickr)

Here are the two that I scored. The cars are depicted “home” at the NH track…


Well, I only managed roll away with 1 car, this beauty:



Thanks for auction Dragon Arts, fun stuff.

Sorry Gears, these are from the forum gallery, I will edit with Flickr when I get home.

I finally got around to uploading with flickr.

It was a great auction with a lot of super tense bidding and waiting for the auction house to reload. Scored a couple great cars but the one I was really hoping for, the WW2 bomber McLaren went for well over 50 million at last look!! Thank you for the auction set and hopefully there will be at least one more…


Phew…a late night and some mad A button bashing later. Thanks to Dragon Arts for putting up all those excellent paints. I was so busy placing bids and checking ending soon stuff I forgot the ones I was after and missed some…LOL. All in the mad fun of the auction house. I managed (remembered) to grab these beauties, but the one I really wanted was any of the Tekken designs. One of my top 5 favourite paints and they all slipped me by. Fingers crossed one day they will be a prize car!!

Thanks again.

LOL thanks Koiftt. Like you say, it’s gone to a good home. I better start saving for next time…

Sadly I managed to miss the end of the auctions but I’m happy you guys got some nice deals. Really ! Happy : [

The worst part is cancelling all the lost bids and seeing what cars people stole. Really D3AN ? The Tekken LF-A for a few hundred K ??? On the bright side, some kind souls let the Deadlights/Bigtime collab Challenger fall through the cracks so I won a car anyway. Will be back with a pic…

Thanks again Baz for putting together all those cars.

Tekken LF-A Not Sure Of The Exact Amount I Paid But I Know The Next Bid Would Have Been 6.9Mill Really Really Happy I Won That.

felt a bit… TMI(?) to witness your desire for Jessica Alba, D3AN!