Show Off Your Drift Cars (FH4)

Placeholder for pictures of drifty bits.

This thread is for posting stock, unedited pictures of your FH4 drift cars

Please keep the quotes to an absolute minimum, quote trains make reading and following the discussion more difficult, not easier. It’s always better to prune your replies than to contribute to any further chaos and confusion.

Please resize your photos to fit within forum limits

Like any other thread on, please keep all posts on topic and related to the purpose of the thread, pictures of FH4 drift cars or comments about the pictures.

Remember that you should always treat your fellow posters with respect and civility.

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Here’s my main steed, really wishing I could swap the 3.9l V8 into it though…
The boy

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My Nissans


More Nissan. #DriftyBoi


this photo is Posed…this poser has his brakes on while taking a photo…umm I don’t use brakes when I drift race. don’t look for me to use my brakes and show my taillights - im just kidding, by all means be you…even if you pose your car for photo relief.

There is my girl, another Nissan


More Nissan

Old School

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bmw m3 mpower

bmw e36 m3 drift car


Vaughn Gittin Jr. X Team Need For Speed


The DK is back on the road, drifting down the mountain with style.

Sideways Hoonicorn

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cant figure out the favorite, so making a new one, but these are what i have so far