Show of Hands: Police Car Chase or Lego Speed Champions

This place is funny… many months ago I posted asking if there was any interest in a Cat & Mouse Mode (voluntary PvP) along the lines of epic car chases & police pursuits. I was berated for it with comments like “This isn’t Need for Speed”, “Go play Need for Speed. Forza is for REAL car enthusiasts”, etc.

Just curious after the recent expansion, how many on here would have preferred a Police Chase expansion over the current Lego one?

Edit: I guess a Lego expansion is better than a Barbie one 8D


or something else.

I really don’t see the point of this thread.

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To see (if given the choice) would forum members prefer Police Car Chase or Lego Speed Champions expansion. It won’t change anything in FH4, just a post to discuss…

I take cops and robbers any day over LEGO stuff.

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I love police chase games. I still remember Driver from the PS1.

Police chase garbage is awful. Whether it’s PvE like in NfS or PvP like The Crew.

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I loved the spontaneous PvP Police Chases and Crate Runs in The Crew. They’re what kept me playing that game. The absence of it has left The Crew 2 collecting dust on my shelf.