should work on a updated for private lobby setups

the restrictions you have to set up in a private lobby are good but there should be more, for example one very good one is putting in a update for when u set up a private multiplayer lobby you have a way to set all these restrictions except certain stuff like front and rear tire size or even wheel size and many other thing to that nature sometimes out races we setup is all about authenticity the look of the race and how real every car looks and when some old school tuner comes in that hasn’t broke away from the big fron wheels and small rear they are running the authenticity of the nature of our races especially when we want to get still shots of the race so please look into that and many other smart ideas for updates like that I’m not saying take that tuning method away from those guys but help us out with a restriction so mabey them old school tuners can learn something new it really isn’t hard to learn and they just wont break away from that please I repeat help us with authenticity and realism looks when it comes to the guys actually trying to run their own leagues wanting as real realistic looks on track as we do.