Should we spend points before they're restored?

If I re-buy all the masteries for my favourite cars over the next 4 weeks while we’re waiting for the “fix to return all players’ lost Skill Points”, are those new points then basically wasted if/when they get overwritten by the fix?

nobody can actually answer that yet since they haven’t announced what the fix will be

Looks like we will get the skill points back to use on whatever cars we choose so can spend on whatever cars we want now

Ah, so this week it seems we have to go to Nitro Glitter’s twitter for support. Good to know.


if you want support you need to sumbit a ticket here as always

she just randomly answered me on twitter

Already had a ticket closed without an answer where I asked about whether staying out of the game would have been a good idea before the fix was released, and had already logged another ticket asking this exact question.

I can think of no reason why the information she gave you in a random reply on twitter shouldn’t be a pinned post on the forums, tweeted out on an official Forza account, and pinned to a Discord channel.


They should have announced this properly, not on Twitter. I have to keep telling everyone, plus I had to tell everyone not to update before.