Should I play Forza 7?

Hey all,

I’m hoping for some feedback on Forza 7. I’m a big Forza Horizon player, I like casual racing. However, I was looking for more racing as I’ve slowed down on Horizon 4. I know that Forza 7 is more towards “real” racing. But I’m wondering if it still is fun for casual players.

Meaning …

  1. Is career mode still a fun story line to accomplish?
  2. Are their levels of difficulty for single player racing or is it on Pro mode all the time?
  3. Can I download tunes from other users instead of tuning myself (like in Horizon)?

Basically, I found some copies used and on sale and debating if it will still be a fun game to pass time.

You can download the full game and play it 4 hours for free.


If you’re looking for a racing game which can be fun to play on a controller, but doesn’t demand that you immerse yourself in racing/setup/track knowledge, Forza 7 could be a really good choice for you. The game is a mile wide, but only an inch deep, so casual players can find it very rewarding and fun.

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Thanks so much. Didn’t know this existed. Hopefully 4 hours gives me the chance to get a good feel. Thanks again for the link.

  1. Not much of a story really, just different racing series that you can pick and choose at your leisure.
  2. Just like Horizon, you can set the difficulty of the Drivatars from “New Racer” all the way up to “Unbeatable”
  3. Yes, you can get liveries and tunes from other players.

Forza Horizon - Open World Map + Better Physics + More Cars = Forza Motorsport

They are very similar, with the biggest distinction being the open world aspect. And Horizon loves to do all kinds of wacky events, whereas Motorsport typically tries to stick with somewhat realistic scenarios (no racing against freight trains and fighter jets in Motorsport :stuck_out_tongue: )

It’s great if you enjoy circuit racing without all the story-driven goofiness. It’s realistic enough and rewarding enough - just ignore the cough bugs, and you’ll be fine.

I may be a day late, but I enjoy both games and go back forth regularly. It’s not open world, so there is not driving from the city to the airport jumping around and dodging trees. But if enjoy the circuit races on FH3, you should enjoy FM7. But keep in mind this requires a bit more skill to win a race. In FH3 I will drift around a turn with little braking and sideswipe a car to get the inside corner, but in FM7 that really doesn’t work. You need to brake and get the racing line to make a pass. Also going off track really slows you down quite a bit. But once you get the hang of it, especially in manual mode, it just as much fun as horizon.

Exactly, you need both. I love car feeling in Motorsport but in Horizon I love the whole experience. If you know the car from M, you can drive it freely with a cockpit view in H and enjoying the mood. I can live with one game only but both are masterpieces and you should have them.

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