Should I buy the maserati 300s from the autoshow?

should I buy the maserati 300s from the autoshow so that I can unlock the skill tree for the mc12 fe? or should I just buy from the auction house and ending up getting cars with unlocked skill trees?

Orrrrrr, should you try to just wheelspin your way to Maserati Land and not pay a single credit?

Yeah. It’s fun to spin those reward car cars and the game will eventually give you it too. If you are desperate and have cash though I would say auto show over AH to avoid the headaches.

You can get a 300s from a wheelspin? WWHAAAAAATTT?


Yes, you can, …but I wasn’t being serious. I wouldn’t recommend really trying that way. You might see Horizon 5 or 6 before that shows up in the spin, no telling. If you have the credits, just buy it new so you get your little prize for sure. If you don’t, then start saving. Doesn’t take long to accumulate $$$.

Not only is it nice to get the MC12 FE, but the 300S is also a fun car in A class, not class leading, but still fun.

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You can also sell the 300s for profit to a poor soul who does’nt know that I got the perk for it and get 1mill credits