Should I buy it?

Last game I played was FM4 so I’m a bit out of touch with the series. I’m considering buying FM7 but a couple of things have made me unsure. I only play the career in the Forza games, so multiplayer issues won’t affect me.

First the positives.

I really enjoyed the driving/physics and graphics of FM7 from the tiny bit I played. The weather and time of day additions are great. It’s nice to see some tracks return too.

Now the negatives.

The homologation sounds like a good idea for multiplayer but I don’t think it’s a great fit for the career. I think most Forza players are used to picking whatever car they want and upgrading it to fit in a PI class.

The AI in Forza 6 Apex seemed fine to me but the Forza 7 AI seems a bit too aggressive and lacks awareness of the player.

I don’t like how the bonuses for turning off assists are gone either.

The loot boxes and driver outfits are things I don’t like at all, but if the rest of the singleplayer is solid I can live with them.

What’s the length of the career in comparison to the Xbox 360 Forza titles?

Thanks for any replies.

The career aspect seems very deep and engaging. As for everything else, I’m positive the bugs and shortcomings will be ironed out soon enough. Don’t let that prevent you from getting the game. Go for it.

Go for it. Career is pretty solid.

career is quite good, but without leaderboard per class and others good things that they removed from previous iteration … idk… maybe just the standard edition on disc

If you mostly play career Id say buy it, Im really enjoying the career aspect of the game and you can still tune and mod your car yourself only it has to be within certain boundaries. As for the AI as long as you give them space I’ve had not real issues with aggressive behaviour.

The A.I in FM7 is probably lackluster now because the game has only been out for a few days and not many people are getting stuck into it yet. But give it a few weeks or months, and I’m hoping the drivatars will shine.

Personally, I’m ignoring the loot boxes and driver outfits. Couldn’t give a toss about those features. Plus, I like how you now have to work for what you earn in this game.

Just make sure you shop around and find the game at a decent price.

If you’re buying it for the career mode, there’s some good potential. Could be a good buy. If you’re wanting it for MP or hotlapping rivals, etc, give it a pass. Aspects are either gone or not very good.

I think the single player is decent. Although, I still prefer how FM4 let me go through the entire campaign with whatever car I wanted.

If you want the old classes in MP lobbies, they are not present as of right now…and I’m not pleased with that direction.

Avoid the Ultimate and Deluxe editions like the plague. My recommendation is to get the standard disk version, that way you can sell it if it ends up with too little content for you.

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No lol

I’d say yes because the customizable career is great. I run mostly freeplay, career, and single player endurance races. The main multiplayer I did on 6 was in club races. Driving with wheel is the best of any Forza game.


My last Forza game was FM4 as well. I like FM7. But it does have it’s shortcomings.

The race length is typical for Forza, BUT you have the option to change it to long or extra long in assists - which is a great feature.

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If your happy with a slightly inferior weather system, slightly inferior car quantities, slightly inferior track counts and a pretty much identical multiplayer setup then why not try FMS6 until #7 is released full and complete? I’ve seen it for as little as £18 (preowned) and have to admit that in a like for like comparison you’re going to get an awful lot more out of FMS6 than you would FMS7 because In its present state I can genuinely see people getting bored of it once career mode is complete. I’m not even fully convinced that it’s even going to be worth the inevitable mark down price on black friday in it’s current ‘as is’ condition but hey, it’s your money and only you can decide what’s best.

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Slightly inferior to what exactly?

Slightly inferior to FMS7. There isn’t a great deal of difference (in terms of quantity and quality) between 6 and 7

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I see that now, I read your post wrong the first time.

Sure, but don’t spring the extra for the Ultimate version.

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Thanks for the replies everybody.

I don’t have an Xbox One, so FM6 isn’t an option. Unfortunately the Forza games are a bit pricey on the Irish Windows Store. The standard editions of Forza Horizon 3 and FM7 are €69.99.

It’s not a bad game for a horizon/NFS player looking to get some track time in single player. Competitive type or somebody looking for more of the SIM feel should stay away.

Love all these should I buy it posts…

Seriously,just do a google search on the facts of the game… if its your taste then buy it. Dont ask if you should buy it. Do you ask that of everything you buy in this world?

The “facts” aren’t turning out to be facts. The best option is to ask people who have played the game and can give an honest review without all the extra sodium.

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