should have named driveatar to bumper car avtar

I find myself more and more not enjoying this game. I start the race lap 1 going to first corner its a nice righthander. I dont have the inside its taken drop down to 3rd gear. Im up to 9th good start mike . Getting ready to turn and i hear something oh its 15th place thinking hes driving a snow plough. So after the hitting gets done haf way though lap 1 we come though the turn to the straight for lap 2. Boy mike you got a good run though that apex, going to pass 5th on the straight. So i get a good draft going 10 more feet ill pull out an pass, and bamb brake light ramed right in to him , mustive miss judge the length of straight…no…did a deer run across the track…no…maybe a spectater was streeking…no… so guess when this guy races he just stops on straights…and ive also noticed if im in 1st last turn and 2nd is right behind and get though that turn good 2nd goes straight line trying to take me out ive seen it in the rearview. I just think it wouldve been better with ai . And 1 more thing whys does it null your time for drafting but give you perfect draft things…on side note would love 2 tune car at track menu mustive forgot that bit turd10. so lap times in the 1000s but no better becuase of bumper car track day …

The ai part of the drivatar can be harder than the human part ,they will brake anywhere to stop swerving and, they guard the racing line or will knock you off it.

I know my drivatar probably stops on straights sometimes because sometimes a drivatar pulls out to pass and leaves no room for me to pass if I’m coming up fast. Also probably why some brake early going into a corner.

Save the good lap times for rivals, just get that gold!

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I have noticed that unbeatable drivatars do not brake on the straights

All the bad drivatars make me appreciate the good ones that much more,not to say i have not cussed some of them out,lol.

I’ve shared 4 to 6 replays (not sitting at the console at the moment) of good, clean career racing against well behaved Drivatars. Just search replays for my GamerTag.

The amount of bumping and jostling varies based on your driving style.

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I agree with Don. I’ve noticed that when I race the drivatars clean, they don’t do as much bumping. I know sometimes it’s hard to race clean when you only have a couple of laps to get through all the traffic, but try to be as clean as you can doing it and you’ll notice the drivatars driving clean (for the most part) as well.

Yes, the drivatars will race clean if you do, eventually. It isn’t an instant transition to clean drivatars. You’ve got to be willing to put your own aggressiveness aside though and understand that you aren’t going to get in to first place all the time with only two or three laps to do it. It’d be better if we had longer races, but it is what it is, just try to race rather than win at all costs.

…and to Don, Slimy, and fox I would also add that if you’re unable to race clean and still get medals - turn down the drivatar difficulty.

I’ve spent a few hours testing the drivatar difficulty levels and noticed that as I turned down the difficulty the drivatars got much slower in the turns making it much easier to win. If you’re having problems racing clean and getting medals - turn down the drivatar difficulty.

In order to maximize your credits you should find the drivatar difficulty “sweet spot” where you’re always able to race clean and get gold medals - but it’s not so easy that you’re always finishing in 1st place seconds ahead of the field.