Shortest campaign FH?

I think i went through the whole sp campaign and even stunts 3 stars within a week, if it wasn’t for accolades this would be probably the shortest FH campaign I’ve played, accolades are basically a filler to hide the shortness of the campaign, not to mention that 50% of them are broken and won’t even register

I don’t think it’s the shortest campaignas I’m pretty sure there’s more of everything in the game…however, what makes it shorter is the ease everything can be done in. In fH4, I remember several Story Episodes that I had some difficulty with such as some Top gear ones…on this game, I think there was maybe 1 chapter of a story that I had difficulty with but not that much.

Took me 6 hours to get through the single player campaign in 4. Took me just shy of 20 to reach the hall of fame in 5. There was way more to do with way more variety too. People forget that half the stories in 4 got added well after launch.

I don’t know what more you’re talking about. Maybe there was more of a campaign in 1 or 2, I never played those being on PC. But 3 and 4 were just doing races. Maybe the festival level up in 3 and the season progression in 4 gave you more of a sense of progression than the punch card system? To me, it felt the same.

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It’s very good balanced and we have accolades. 50 % is broken? I don’t think so.

Just best Horizon ever.

Seems to me like there’s a similar amount of events to do. I don’t think it’s ever taken me very long to be done with the meat and potatoes of a Horizon game. It usually takes me longer to drive all the roads, but that seemed easier this time - the roads seemed to be easier to see and drew in better while driving them.

I completed V10 last night and tbh most of it was fairly easy to get 3 Stars on all.

Definitely remember FH4 stories being a lot tougher towards the end of them. Getting some of those 3 Stars was hard.

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I’d say not - FH4 didn’t have the same amount of Stories or Festival Playlist when it launched, Eliminator and Super 7 also didn’t appear until much later.

I do agree with Stories being easier but then again they’ve stopped the Credit payouts from them this time so…

They do still payout credits for them (according to the credits payout that shows on screen when you return to free roam)…I notice it’s usually around the 5k mark, sometimes less

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Sorry I meant a earnings from completing the story, in FH4 I would get messages saying “You have earnt £xxxx from Isha’s Taxi”. I’ve completed a few stories in FH5 but I’ve yet to see any message saying I’m getting a weekly earning from them.

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No worries, I clearly misread/misinterpreted what you said so I apologise. I don’t really miss the Business earnings to be honest…used to annoy me having to delete the messages every time as my slight OCD would never allow messages to stay in my mailbox…the news ones used to bug me as you could never delete them!!

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Yeah, I miss my businesses too.

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FH4 at launch didn’t really have a campaign at all. Just the single-player prologue that I played through on the night of game release. No star card, no playlist, no trailblazers, fewer stories, and just a quick radio message after you’ve reached prestige 1, which was kind of your ultimate goal. A lot of meat was added around the bones in the couple of years after release. PG’s aim was to free the player from doing just races for progression and go all-in on the sandbox approach, but having experimented with the gamification of that in FH4 and its expansions, I feel like they now have a better grip on how to create incentives for all the different activities. It’s not very involved, but it’s there, and it more or less suits the kind of game they’re going for as a whole.

PG said the campaign this time, that is, reaching the hall of fame and doing all the adventure chapters, would take 10 to 20 hours. Took me 40. I’m over 50 hours in now and still have tons to do, and thanks to the accolade system it still doesn’t just feel like a 100% completion endgame grind, but an ongoing discovery of the game. As much as I’m 1) against time-gated live content that the playlists are, and 2) missing the basic, blueprintable offline championships of the pre-FH4 games, I’m happy that right from the start the game has so much in it that isn’t tied to the season system. Obviously I’m expecting still more to be added in the future.

One tip to get more fun out of stunts, stories, rival leaderboards etc.: Get a lot of xbox friends. I used to add all kinds of T10 and PG employees, content creators and streamers and such, for one to get more names for drivatars, but especially more people on my friends leaderboards, so I have times to compete against, since just getting 3 stars on everything really is mostly pretty easy.

You’re right here, FH4 was so barebones I finished the SP and went back to FH2/3, didn’t come back until the Festival Playlist started. FH5 at least seems to have a lot more events to complete, even if they are not pure racing championships but I accept and agree PG has moved away from that format into a more sandbox play area. The Playlist is my biggest motivation to play now, I’ve got a lot of events sat at ‘New’ and they’ll probably stay there for a long time until they cycle round in the playlist at some point.

The new Accolades system is something I really want to dive into but am holding back for now due to the bugs, I think if they have the opportunity to add more there they should.

I definitely agree with your tip BTW, I assume it works the same on PC but on Xbox you can passively add Friends they don’t need to accept your request anymore - when you complete an event re-filter the leaderboard to ‘Near Me’ and add some random players. I did that near the start of FH3 and FH4 so when I view ‘My Friends’ I get a mini-leaderboard of people nearer my skill level (hopefully!).

Yup. Story chapters in FH5 are lazy and short, very short. I mean, not even 2-3 minutes to finish a chapter and move on to the next one.

In FH4 there were less amount of chapters but they were more enjoyable, more things to do and more polished. You actually did feel that you were achieving something.

Ih FH5 they are just attrezzo to move on and get the chapters out of the way. Its sad, but again, at this point nobody should be surprised.

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The campaign is definitely longer than Horizon 4’s. However, I can’t help but feel like if Fast Travel Anywhere was unlocked by default (and cheaper for initial cost) and the story missions weren’t constantly changing location (seriously, they’ve should have just had one constant hub like Horizon 4), the amount of playtime would have been significantly cut down. And considering how the maps seem to keep on getting bigger, I really think Playground should consider taking a page from Test Drive Unlimited’s book and allow us to fast travel anywhere (as long as we have already driven on the roads) by default and make it cost free without having to find those boards. Such a pointless handicap the way they have it now.

It felt pretty short to me. What sealed that feeling for me was doing all the street scene events in under 2 hours (probably closer to one). I noticed that many of them were done in about 2 minutes with my A800 car. That’s just too damn short.

I actually massively prefer the way stories have been implemented this time around. All story chapters starting from the same spot led to some really monotonous design. Some, like Drift club or Deliveries, had a set of similar challenges sharing a bunch of the same roads. Others made the chapters longer by including one or several introductory drives just to get to where the actual challenge took place - with no chance of fast travel, so when you wanted to go back and get better times, you had to do the introductory drives again. British Racing Green was in my opinion the only story that really benefited from this structure, having some interesting narrative around contrasting the two cars each time.

I miss the Bucket Lists of old, tbh. No cringy characters, storytelling, dialogue or cutscenes, just a challenge and a cool mood created through a title focusing on the car and the experience. Although I guess the stories can provide motivations for a more varied palette in the types of challenges.