Short course off-road racing. need racers

Have you heard of or seen the Formula Offroad Stadium Super Trucks? 600HP of rear wheel drive, high flying fury. The bumper to bumper rough and tumble racIng is always an excitement factor for racers and spectators alike.

Well I’ve created a couple of tracks that work perfectly for this, and have tested them with a couple of friends, but my problem is that most of my friends dont don’t have Storm Island, and there therefore don’t have the proper vehicle.

If you have the SST stadium truck, and are looking for a new exciting way of racing, shoot me a message or add me as a friend. Looking forward to seeing anyone who’s interested get out there. Gt: PAT WHALEN9.

P.S. I have a generic tune saved because this is a regulated series, where the driver is what matters, not the vehicle.
P.P.S. I also do rallycross with very similar layouts to the SST tracks.