"shine" effect or shiny metal tips needed

I used search for this in this section and surprisingly didn’t find anything…so here goes.

In another attempt to avoid the severe Forza 5 boredom bug, I’m trying to learn a thing of two using the current editor in the hopes of transferring some skills to Horizon 2’s editor in the near future.

I’ve done a bit of research on some of the tips out there for “shiny” effects. I’ve put together two layers and zoomed (change size) to the extreme as I understand that’s part of making details easier.

I’m trying on a basic round shape (red colour). Think of it as an attempt at making one of those shiny M & M’s candy decals.

By the way, I can’t seem to do a true candy/rich red colour. It’s always comes out a little plain looking (saturation is full). Am I missing something?

One of these days, hopefully, I can master all of the Forza “trades”. Learned a massive amount on tuning the time around. Now it’s paint time. We’ll see.

Any tips would be great! I’m sure opacity is greatly involved but finding the right combo eludes me.

Well…I guess that’s a sign things are pretty dead around here. Anybody have some tips?!?

As the saying goes: “bump”

Its quite hard to explain as there are many ways to accomplish a shine effect on something, I’ll make a quick vid on shading and upload it 4 you, it’ll be easier to follow

Uploaded to my clips if your in a rush or you can wait till I’ve edited them and post a link to it, hope it helps anyway

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Whoa…heh…I got a reply! lol Thanks dude! Umm…what do you mean by clips? Where are they? Twitch?

Also, I had a “DUH” moment when I noticed (or re-noticed) the Gradient Shapes. I’m guessing those make life a lot easier. I did take a look at your “skull” you tube video. Is that the best way (gradient shapes)?

No problem, na on my Xbox profile actually on the Xbox, in my uploads you may have to add me to view them, I’m not sure but yeah it’s all about the gradients with painting shadow and light

Great, thanks. Got it. I’ve added you as a friend. I’m actually watching your “3D TEXT” video right now. lol. VERY cool stuff. Completely understand that trick now.

I actually work with 3d design software but the editor doesn’t have all the “tricks of the trade” commands/tools. I feel like I’m learning all over again. lol

Now to practice and do something when Horizon 2 comes out.

I’m actually waiting to see if any Forza 5 vinyls/designs carry over/can be transferred to Horizon 2.

Yeah I hear that buddy and no problem glad it helped, I know the editor is quite basic but I’ve learned to love it’s simplicity lol, cheers and if anythin else gets u stumped, just ask :slight_smile: