Shifting without Clutch on "Manual w/ Clutch" (Logitech G27)

Hello everybody,

I have the fallowing problem: I set up my Logitech G27 with the Manual w/ clutch settings and I can shift through the gears without using the clutch. I can still use the clutch, but the problem is that when I’m not using it the revs go to the limiter… Please help me fix this problem, because everything is good with my game except this… I really want to just drive with my clutch and h shifter. :slight_smile:

Best regards,

That’s how it works unfortunately, if you shift without pressing the clutch the shift times will be much slower, it will make a grinding noise and if you have damage on it will damage the gearbox. So in short if you want manual w/clutch, USE the clutch, its not game breaking