Shifting animation broken?

Has anyone else noticed that it doesn’t show the driver correctly shifting gears in certain cars like the McLaren mp4/4 when your in cockpit view? But yet in forza 6 it shows the driver doing it fine every time you down shift or up shift? I find it kinda silly that it shows the shifting all off on the puegueot sport Talbot #3 and was wondering if its a glitch or something.

Yes lol was going to post this topic exactly, I find it to happen with manual + clutch, if you press the buttons too quick before your driver can do the animation to switch gear, they will fall behind or jump ahead one shift, and then the animations will be off like you say!


Really hope they fix this soon!

The paddle shifter’s animation has improved since paddles now actually move when you shift (some still don’t however). But they still can’t or won’t animate the fingers touching the paddles so now you see paddles magically move by themselves.

Yep. I was disappointed to see this wasn’t in the update notes. It needs fixing or they need to make a new animation to keep up with the gear shifts because it looks ridiculous as it is now. How can you make a driving game then think its okay to only have the driver shift once up & once or twice down because the car either accelerates/decelerates too quick for the animation they have made. In a game where 80% of the cars accelerate/decelerate quicker then the animation they have. Other games manage. Totally takes you out of the moment not seeing the driver grab the stick to change gears, then change gear when it going slow.

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Yes 90% cars has shift bug :joy:

Correct! Some won’t shift at all or will have half shift animations - for example the driver touches the race trans gear lever once either forward or backward but then won’t move it at all no matter how many times you upshift or downshift. It’s only WHEN you go from downshift to upshift or vice versa, he will move the lever once. I think somebody in T10 is either a pissed off employee or has a trippy sense of humor. :wink:

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Anyone know how we can make this post known to turn 10?

Twitter perhaps…

One way to solve the animation problem or at least temporarily improve it would be to have the drivers hand permentantly on the shifter if he is at a certain Rpm range, say 1000 rpm before redline. The animations really do need to be improved both for paddle and stick shifting. Speeding up the paddle shifting animation could also be a half decent temporary solution.

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