Shift indicator light on Wheel stopped working

Hey guys been a few months since I’ve been on the Forum and raced. I have a Fanatec club sport V 2.5 base and the Alcantara Forza wheel. I noticed that I no longer have the shift indicator light at the top center of the wheel going through its color pattern as I get close to redline like previously. I normally play on PC although I have played on my Xbox One X occasionally with friends. I know the light does not work on the console, but it has always worked on the PC without an issue prebiously. I went and checked the settings under controllers, even resetting to default clubsport V 2.5 instead of custom settings that I had previously. Still no indicator light for shifting. Has anyone else experienced this recently. Thanks for your input.

PS. On a side note I thought I would go check how the online racing is. Four races, four total crash outs on the first lap. Back to free play against the AI I guess. I don’t know how you guys race online, it’s utterly ridiculous and has not gotten even an Iota better. It sucks there’s only one ghost option available and not for every class, unless I’m missing something.

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In online racing, you know what’s coming. Get out of the way, get through the initial mayhem, and you are generally good to go.

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okay everybody back to your regularly scheduled programs. I downloaded a firmware and driver update from fanatec and everything is working fine. I’m guessing some windows or forza update made it grumpy